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Valentine’s Day Cooking Ideas – For Guys

It’s February, it’s “Valentine’s Month”! Do you have any plans for celebrations? Cooking for your love at home ...


Chef Giuseppe’s Recipe: Chocolate Lava Cake

“Chocolate Lava Cake” is many people’s favorite dessert. When you cut the cake, molten chocolate rushes down to ...

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Chef Anson’s Recipe: Chicken Wings Stuffed with Assorted Ingredients

Last week, Chef Anson taught us how to prepare an old Guangdong dish – Chicken Wings Stuffed with Assorted Ingredients. It ...

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Four Essential Ingredients in Russian Kitchen

“The 4 Essential Ingredients In Kitchen” series is back! After featuring for home kitchens in Indonesia, Sichuan, and Hangzhou, ...

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Chef Giuseppe’s Recipe: Gingerbread Cookies with Christmas Joy

Christmas is coming in just a few days! Our personal chefs have been receiving bookings for early Christmas ...


Christmas Delights! 慶祝聖誕新主意

  Christmas is just around the corner. EATING is inseparable to the holiday celebration, no matter you are ...


[Chef’s Recipes] SALAD MIMOZA 煙三文魚黃金層層疊 by Chef Alex

SALAD MIMOZA – Serving for 4: 4 medium             Gold potatoes 4                              Carrots 8 ...

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World Cup Party Menus ⚽ 安坐家中看世界盃

Hosting FIFA World Cup Party at Home? Explore more dining options with personal chef service 約朋友睇世界盃,唯有叫外賣 ? 今年食好一點點,預約私廚上門煮 ...


Malaysian Style Curry Chicken Recipe by Chef Theresa

Theresa taught the students a Malaysian  style curry chicken in the city’super cooking class earlier, which is Theresa’s ...


Chef Marco’s Recipe: Pan Seared Cod Fillet with White Wine Tomato Herb Sauce

In the last city’super cooking class, Marco taught the participants to make this pan seared cod fillet with ...