How to host BBQ in style?

Thinking about hosting a BBQ at home on your terrace or rooftop this winter? Unfortunately, more often than not, this might remain a thought in the back of your mind as the whole logistics around it can be very stressful: sourcing the meat, seafood, sausages, veggies, drinks, charcoal; washing, cutting, marinating the ingredients. And that is just the beginning! In the BBQ, you run from here to there, making sure that the food is not overcooked, and then you found yourself did not get the chance to chill with your friends when they left your home.

Invite a chef home to take care of these for you! All you will have to do is to sit back and enjoy quality time with your friends in a BBQ party. There are BBQ menus in different styles, no matter it is a Mediterranean or a Japanese, the chefs will make sure your food is done to perfection.

“Many thanks chef it was excellent! Every food item was perfectly cooked and presented… It was really stellar and beyond fantastic” commented by Gourmet Anita. She booked chef Zurath for a personalised BBQ party. Chef Zurath has also prepared them his signature Fish in Banana Leaf “Patra Ni Machchi”. <Read here>

Patra Ni Machchi

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珍寶蘑菇醬 Portobello Paste by #MobiChefLeslie

Since his girlfriend became a vegan a few years ago, #MobiChefLeslie has started create vegan dishes for her. Here he is sharing one of those he often prepares:
年前因為女朋友開始食純素,#MobiChefLeslie 便開始在家為她烹調素食。這是其中一個他常做的菜式:

Leslie recipe2

珍寶蘑菇醬 Portobello Paste

珍寶蘑菇 Portobello 3個
洋蔥 半個Onion 1/2 pcs
生粉 少量Corn starch some
海鹽及黑椒碎 少量Sea salt & Ground black pepper some

1. 洋蔥及蘑菇切成同樣大小之小粒。Finely dice the onions and portobellos into even size.
2. 在平底鑊加入橄欖油,將洋蔥炒至軟身及透明。Turn on the stove on high heat, put olive oil into the frying pan, pan fry the onions until soft and transparent.
3. 加入蘑菇,以大火繼續拌炒,直至蘑菇變軟,加入海鹽及黑椒碎調味。Add the portobellos in, keep pan frying on high heat, until the portobellos become soft, season with sea salt and pepper.
4. 熄火,加入生粉水拌勻使蘑菇醬較為杰身,與餅乾或麵包同吃。Turn off the heat, mix corn starch with 1 tbsp of water, add it to the portobello paste and mix well, in order to thicken the paste. Serve with crackers or breads.

– 蘑菇不要炒太長時間,開始變軟便可停止,否則繼續加熱會將蘑菇水份逼出,蘑菇醬便會太稀。
– 切珍寶蘑菇時建議用手切碎,不要用機器,機器會把蘑菇切得太細而增快受熱速度,於拌炒時便較快滲出水份。
– Do not pan-fried the portobello for too long, should stop when it becomes soft. Otherwise there would be too much water coming out from the mushroom because of the heat, and the paste will become very watery.
– the portobello should be diced by hand but not food processor, as machines would cut them too small that shorten the heat-up time, which will also result a watery paste.

“Vegetarian/vegan food is commonly considered as bland, non-fulfilling or sometimes boring. But vegetables are in fact full of flavours, each has its unique texture, tastes and aroma. So be creative, try cooking an everyday vegetable in a different way, pairing it with other condiments or herbs, you will find it not boring at all.” Said Leslie.