[Father’s Day Episode] Chef’s Stories: Connection between Father and Cooking

Father can be someone who inspires you or someone whom you can rely on. Being a father, you would definitely treasure quality time with your children. In this blog, three personal chefs will share the connection between “Father” and cooking in different perspectives.©mobichef.com

Chef Louis’s training to his daughter©mobichef.com

To fulfil his daughter’s curiosity about his job as a private chef, Louis sometimes makes his signature homemade pasta together with her. Usually when she is paying attention on flattening the dough, she cannot notice the flour on her face. This becomes the cutest scene in her father’s eyes. Chef Louis also makes use of this activity to train her concentration and patience – when they are feeding the dough through a pasta machine, she are told not to look around but focus on the whole process.©mobichef.com

©mobichef.com         ©mobichef.com

Picture 1 (left) Louis was making pasta with his daughter©mobichef.com

Picture 2 (right) Louis’s daughter focusing on flattening the dough©mobichef.com

Chef Violetta’s childhood memory©mobichef.com

Violetta lived with her father when she was small. No matter how busy he was during weekdays, he would spend his weekend cooking traditional, authentic Italian cuisine for his children. After the meal, they would spend time playing board game and that was one of the most memorable moment in her childhood. This family tradition inspired Violetta to explore more about Italian cuisine. Violetta also added favourite dishes cooked by her father to her menu such as Slow cooked meatball with tomato sauce and Polpettone.


Picture 3 Violetta and her father©mobichef.com

Picture 4 Slow cooked meatball with tomato sauce cooked by Violetta ©mobichef.com

Chef DoBee’s companionship ©mobichef.com

As a father, DoBee values interaction with his daughter, hoping that she can have a memorable childhood. Pizza as one of her favourite food arouses her interest towards baking. She participated in every single step of making a pizza from making a dough to cutting a ready-to-eat pizza. And very soon she started exploring different baking food.©mobichef.com

“We bake at least twice a month, and she always requests adding ingredients such as pepperoni and black olive to her pizza.” DoBee said with a sweet smile on his face.©mobichef.com


Picture 5 (left) Pizza baked by DoBee and her daughter©mobichef.com

Picture 6 (right) DoBee’s daughter was waiting to get the pizza out of the oven©mobichef.com

Quality time with children is always the best gift for every Father. If you want to arrange a special culinary experience with your father or family, book a personal chef service on MobiChef to create a one-of-a-kind dining memory.©mobichef.com

Happy Father’s Day!©mobichef.com