Chef Louis has more than ten years’ experience of professional cooking. His journey of cooking began from his travels in Australia, where he met the owner of the hostel who was a retired hotel chef, enlightening Chef Louis’s enthusiasm for cooking. After returning to Hong Kong, he spent his spare time working in different restaurants which laid him a strong professional cooking foundation.

Chef Louis is especially good at designing dishes using a variety of high-quality ingredients, pairing up with a wide range of spices. Among all, handmade pasta is also one of his best recognized dishes of all.

Apart from profound culinary experience, Chef Louis is also a qualified sommelier, committed to bringing enhanced enjoyment for the clients’ taste buds on wine and food pairing through his in-depth understanding of the aroma and taste characteristics of wines and food ingredients.
Since 2016, Chef Louis owned and managed "Private kitchen restaurant-Vieilles Vignes", and has been awarded by U-Magazine as "Restaurants run with spirit and heart".

Chef Louis is also a cooking class instructor and recommended to become one of city’super guest cooking instructors
Experience Highlights

Mobichef Private Chef (2018-Now)
Chef & Sommelier, Aquavitae (2017-Now)
Chef & Sommelier, Vieilles Vignes (2016-2017)

Western, Spanish, Italian, French, Fusion
Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Chef's Note

In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes in the menu, the Chinese shall prevail
I will arrive 3 hours prior to the dining time
I am sorry that I do not go to outlying islands
I will bring 1 kitchen assistant for cooking work if there are over 7 guests
I can prepare vegetarian portion for some of your guests
For location that is not accessible by van/car, please contact Concierge for enquiry before placing an order
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Claire A

I just wanted to thank you for recommending Chef Louis. He and his wife were great. The food was fantastic and brilliantly presented. Georgie loved the menu. Chef Louis was a great chef, very professional and nice. Thanks for all your help.

Menu selected: Romantic Dinner
Ng Y

Excellent experience with tasty food????????

Menu selected: Signature IV
chris t

The Iberico ribs and the Angus beef ribs were both outstanding! The duck ravioli was extremely tasty. Louis arrived more than 3 hours before to prepare, the plating was creative and meticulous. Excellent experience!

Menu selected: My Signature I
Siu Man H

The food is exquisite and delicious.
Louis provides excellent service and gives us detailed introduction of the food.
Looking forward to next appointment with him!

Menu selected: My Signature I
Gretchen K

Amazing experience. The lamb rack is one of the best dish. Tomahawk steak is nicely smoked, first time tasted a smoked steak. Food portion was really good.

Menu selected: Western BBQ
Matthew T

This was my first time to experience mobichef and thanks to Chef Louis to cook a wonderful dinner for my mom’s 80th birthday party. All the food was excellent. Highly recommended!

Menu selected: My Signature II
Dominika K

Great experience! Chef Louis is very friendly and the dishes were beautiful to look at and so tasteful. We will definitely recommend him to our friends. Adding only 2 photos so I don't reveal too much of the experience for others.

Menu selected: Romantic Dinner
ricky p

Very much appreciated dining experience with Chef Louis. Every dish was great. We will certainly invite him back again!

Menu selected: My Signature I

Thank you for making all the arrangements. Everything went well and according to plan and I would certainly recommend you to friends.

Menu selected: My Signature III

頭盤個smoke salmon & avocado 好夾
擺盤都好有心機(個cherry radish薄片正)。
沙律既個隻 smoke sprat 印象好深刻 可以出個smoke sprat mini sandwich會更吸引!
French onion soup 兩位傳統老人家可能未必識欣賞 ,但我同我個fd都好鍾意。
個Main course係我幾個最鍾意既菜 ,iberico ribs加個愛文芒果醬真係好出色!
另外Pasta 俾到好大啟發我(諗event menu) 好重牛味 用Bolognese 做底岩我口味d 。
個雪糕得我鍾意食 ,佢地成家人都好怕食酸加凍既野。
連埋個禮物同custom menu好細心 ,100分!

Menu selected: My Signature I
Nicola L

our second time having Chef Louis with us, again he dishes look simple but actually take loads of work behind. It's like a little maggic show while watching him cook

Menu selected: My Signature II
Nicola L

My first time having Chef Louis with us, and I know I would have him again in the coming future.

Menu selected: My Signature I
Robbie Y

five stars
very nice experience with Louis

Menu selected: My Signature I
Chloe L

This was our first time using mobichef and overall an enjoyable experience. We had a wonderful evening. All dishes just perfect pairing with our selected wines. Chef Louis didn’t let us down and brought with surprises. Thanks much.

Menu selected: Food and Wine Pairing Dinner (6 Courses , Gourmet prepare wines)
Joan Y

MobiChef 真係方便,今次品嚐了意大利菜。食物水準及味道一流! 廚師的質素依舊高質。每次都期待下一次的驚喜


Menu selected: My Signature II
Maple L

We had a great experience! This is the very first time we have a chef coming to cook for us. I was nerious that our kitchen and utensils were not good enough. Our oven was not working for a while, we thought not having an oven would be a show-stopper for a western 6-course menu. But it ended up going very smoothly. Chef Louis was pleasant and flexible. He was well equipped and prepared. Though this is the first time we met, he netvigated in our kitchen, to our dining room; served and introduced his signature dishes.
We booked this because we wanted to celebrate friendship and show our appreciation to our friends who helped us when we needed it the most. It is a memorable dinner, thanks to Chef Louis!
We didn‘t uploaded pictures of two dishes : the first dish we finished it right away and nothing left for picture! the last dish we intentionally not sharing - not to take away the surprise moment :-)

Menu selected: My Signature II
Shirley L

The dishes prepared by Chef Louis are superb. We have an enjoyable evening .

Menu selected: My Signature III
Winnie K

第一次用mobichef請廚師上門,真是意想不到的驚喜,Chef Louis除了講究食物美味之外,還非常顧及美觀,很會從我們的角度著想,因為其中一位朋友因爲不吃紅肉,Louis在設計餐單時將頭盤的虎蝦殻運用在濃湯上,主菜時更特別安排一份Pesto香煎三文魚柳!
最後一道甜品也有驚喜,充滿威士忌酒香的Tiramisu,原來Chef Louis選用的是一支得獎的台灣威士忌,是特別在椰子/果仁味道的木桶,朋友們都非常盡興!

Menu selected: Hidden Menu
lina z


Menu selected: Beef Lover
Vicci L

We had The Signature menu from Chef Louis for 6 of us. It was a wonderful meal that everyone enjoyed a lot! It is our first Mobichef experience and we love it a lot. It is relaxing and comfortable to be able to enjoy restaurant quality food at home. Food was delicious. Thanks a lot chef Louis.

Menu selected: My Signature
Kevin C

Excellent job and great food - great attention to details! Guests loved the food and wanted more!

Menu selected: My Signature
Lisa C

Chef Louis is exceptional and ultimate professional! He worked carefully with us to provide the exact menu we wanted (there was a pregnant lady and one child in my guest list, and some were vegetarians). The dinner we had was the most delicious vegetarian food I’ve ever had! He arrived early and discussed with me which serving plates to use for the best presentation. The food was healthy and incredibly delicious! His cooking assistant was also super friendly, kind and nice! I strongly recommend chef Louis to everyone who’s looking for a chef for home parties!

Menu selected: Fusion Vegetarian Menu
Denise C

Great effort and delicious food, especially the soup, the main course and the dessert! Highly recommended!

Menu selected: My Signature
Rebecca C

We had a wonderful experience with and Chef Louis Chan. The communication beforehand was prompt, smooth and clear. Chef Louis was nice and accommodating when we made our order. We ordered the "Signature" menu for 8 persons and all the guests were very pleased with the quality of the food and the overall experience.

The tomato soup sounded simple and the ingredients looked plain but the simple touch of Chorizo added by Louis greatly enhanced the soup to a different level and made the soup so tasty, impressive and tantalizing. The Iberico ribs was also a nice surprise, the meat was tender and the taste was original, due to the minimal use of seasoning, so that we can taste the authentic flavor of the meat. We also liked the ravioli with confit de canard filling a lot. It was definitely a very unique version created by Louis. And finally the crêpe suzette raised our party to a hilarious climax as we watched the chef igniting the liquor and pouring the flaming mixture over the crêpes, bringing more laughter, hand-clapping and screams to the joyous evening.

Besides the flavor, the presentation was also very enchanting and lovely, definitely the standard of a high-end restaurant, this complimented the cheerful atmosphere of the whole evening. We also asked Louis to pair the champagne for the starter and the red wine for main courses for us. The wines were nice surprises and value for money. They matched the food very well. All in all, we were all very pleased with the food, wine, Chef Louis and his wife. We could leave all the food-related matters to them while we enjoyed our chatting, yelling and screaming in the dining room. We hoped our noise had not disturbed Louis too much in the kitchen. Thank you Louis and we are looking forward to trying your other dishes in future.

A review by another guest of the evening:

Menu selected: My Signature
Ronnie C

My friends & I have tried the signature menu & the food are all good. I especially like the foie Gras, the salad (though I m generally not a salad fan) & the crepe suzette! Will definitely invite Louis again if I have another occasion!

Menu selected: My Signature
Fion L

Chef Louis was great! Food was delicious and nicely plated. The steak was amazing! Kitchen was clean and neat afterwards. Thanks for cooking for us!

Menu selected: Romantic Dinner
Connie P

We enjoyed the dinner by Chef Louis a lot, especially the vegetarian dishes specially prepared for one of our friends. All our needs were all well taken care of.

Menu selected: My Signature
Andrew F

We are writing to say "Thank You" to Chef Louis for making such a wonderful, unique and quality dinner for us. The menu is well designed and arranged. We like the smoked goose and the devil eggs, they tasted so good and we never seen in the market. The wine is also very special, the taste is great matching with the food. The bottle shape is so special that when we show to our friends and they said they haven’t seen it too!

We like the pace and the leisure time chatting with Louis and the way he presents course by course. We think it’s a value for money menu and had a wonderful red wine pear dessert. The taste was very memorable and it gave a beautiful ending to the wonderful night.

Nevertheless, Louis is a very neat and professional chef, he kept the kitchen a very neat and tidy condition throughout the whole cooking process, watch his cooking is also an enjoyable moment to us that we didn’t expected!

Thank you once again and for sure we would like to re-order for his service for our other special days with friends and family too!

one grateful customer
Carmen and Andrew

Menu selected: Romantic Dinner
Janice H

We had a wonderful lunch party cooked by chef Louis as a birthday treat for my husband. His favourite was the homemade pasta and mine was the beef stew! Then we both agreed that the crepe Suzette was world class!

Menu selected: Beef Lover
Jenne X


Menu selected: Beef Lover
Wendy K


Menu selected: My Signature
lam c

Menu selected: 廚師發辦