Cheese is believed to be many people’s favorite, and there are many kinds of it with diverse variations. This time, we are going to highlight cheese from different origins and introduce how our personal chefs cook with them!©


Place of Origin 產地:
Italy 意大利

Mozzarella Cheese is commonly found in different cuisines. It has soft and creamy texture with a light flavor, being a great match in salad and appetizers. It is also often used in pizza too!©

Alla Parmigiana
Giuseppe 的焗烤千層茄子

Sliced eggplants, Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce in a balanced flavor. Chef Giuseppe usually bakes this classic Italian dish for vegetarian Gourmets.
Giuseppe 的前菜「焗烤千層茄子」是把茄子片與莫薩里拉芝士和番茄醬一同烘烤,是一道經典的意大利菜式


Mascarpone cheese is made by adding citric to fresh cream with a limited storage period. The milky and slightly sweet taste makes it perfect to apply on dessert like Tiramisu. Meanwhile, it is also used in savoury dishes to add a rich texture.©

Homemade Ravioli filled with Cheese and Italian Black Truffle
Luca 的手製芝士黑松露意大利雲吞

Mascarpone cheese stuffing enriches the texture of Chef Luca’s handmade ravioli along with the butter sauce.


As one of the hard cheese family members, parmesan cheese needs 2-3 years aging period in average. It is usually shaved or powdered on salad and pasta, giving a unique rich and savory flavor that delights many people! ©

Handmade Ravioli

Right before serving, Chef Louis usually shaves some parmesan cheese on top of his handmade ravioli that will immediately catch everyone’s attention!



Place of Origin 產地:
France 法國


Brie, a popular cheese from France, is a white cheese with edible mold surrounding. It has a creamy texture and is slightly acidic. Brie goes well with nuts, berries and bread.©

Rene的 Aumoniere

Chef Rene’s Aumoniere is wrapping brie cheese and green apple to present sour and sweet taste in harmony .


Place of Origin 產地:
Spain 西班牙


Being a classic cheese from Spain, Manchego cheese is made of sheep’s milk and presents various tastes and texture in different aging period. It can be fruity and nutty, or fragrant and savoury that gets people addicted to the charm of manchego cheese!©

Orange Salad with Nuts

The scents of orange and nut in Chef Theodore’s salad are empowered by the combination with manchego cheese.

Wanna know more about other types of cheese? Our personal chefs also designs many dishes that cooked with different kinds of cheese. Go to MobiChef website to explore more on the menus!



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