Chef’s Stories: Exploring Brazilian Cuisine with Chef Agnes

When we talk about Brazilian cuisine, what comes to your mind first? Feijoada or barbecue? In fact, Brazilian cuisine is far more than that. This time, we invited Mobichef Agnes, who grew up in Brazil, to introduce food culture and some signature dishes in Brazil.  ©

Food culture in Brazil ©

Brazilians have a healthy, balanced diet and in their daily meals, they like to include beans, rice, steak, salad and fried egg. Due to the geographical advantages, they have an enormous variety of vegetable and fruit supply, and hence a wide choice of vegetables and fruits are used in their cooking. ©

History of Brazilian cuisine ©

Historically, Brazilians love gatherings and sharing food among friends and so Brazilian cuisine is also known as ‘party food’. There has been an evolution in Brazilian cuisine since the appearance of D.O.M, the first 2-Star Michelin restaurant in Brazil. Founder of D.O.M, Chef Alex Atala replaced commonly used ingredients in haute cuisine with local ingredients and pushed Brazilian cuisine to another level. Chef Alex Atala’s creativity and culinary techniques inspired Agnes a lot in recent years. ©

Signature Brazilian dishes recommended by Chef Agnes  ©

For dessert lovers, Agnes recommends a signature dessert called Brigadeiro, which is an iconic dessert and embodies in Brazilians’ childhood memory. It is very popular that you can see Brigadeiro on the menu in every celebration. Agnes also includes this dish in her menu, hoping that MobiChef’s Gourmets in Hong Kong can experience the Brazilian “sweet” too.©

Apart from dessert, there is a dish that Agnes misses a lot especially when she is far away from home now – Bacalhoada cooked by her grandma. Every time when she returns home, her grandma prepares this dish for her. Despite Agnes can cook this dish herself, Bacalhoada cooked by her grandma is irreplaceable and symbolises love and caring.©

©mobichef.comPicture (left) Agnes’s grandma was cooking Bacalhoada©

©mobichef.comPicture (right) Bacalhoada cooked by Agnes’s grandma©  

“I hope that the pandemic will end soon so I can go back home to taste the Bacalhoada cooked by my grandma.” Chef Agnes said. © 

If you are interested in trying Brazilian cuisine, you are welcome to make a booking with Chef Agnes on MobiChef!  ©

About Chef Agnes ©

Agnes is now working as a full-time personal chef with MobiChef. She grew up in Brazil and she loves cooking for her friends. This raised her interest towards nutritional study. She then moved to Mainland China and then Hong Kong, during this period, she spent enormous time studying various cuisines, backgrounds behind famous dishes and a variety of ingredients. Apart from having vast experience in manipulating ingredients and cooking with supplements, she also takes dietary needs and the use of organic ingredients into consideration when designing her menus. Agnes decided to be a private chef as she can cook healthy and delicious dishes to gourmets.© 

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