This time, Chef Petty shares her recipe of a Fujian pastry – Deep-fried Sweet Coconut Taro Balls. Click our video below and learn how to make this crispy and delicious dessert at home! You can also book Chef Petty’s private chef service at MobiChef, explore now! ©

Deep-fried Sweet Coconut Taro Balls(Serving for 4-6)

Taro – 400 g m©
Glutinous Rice Flour – 150 
Coconut Milk – 50 
Peanuts – 100 
Sugar – 100 

1. Slice the taro after removing the skin. Steam for about 20 min.
2. Meanwhile, fry the peanuts for about 5 min. Set aside for a few minutes for cooling. Then, crush the peanuts and add sugar. Mix well.
3. Take out the taro. Add some sugar and coconut milk while mashing the taro. ©

4. Add sugar, coconut milk and glutinous rice flour gradually. Mix well until the taro mash glues together and does not stick to your hands.
5. Shape the taro mash into ovals and put the peanut candies inside. ©
6. Deep-fry the taro balls in 160 degree of oil until they turn golden. Finish.

About Chef Petty

Being raised in a Fujian family, Petty shared with us that women in her hometown are all experts in cooking! Under her mother’s influence, Petty has developed passion towards cooking since she was small. Years ago, with strong determination, she decided to give up her office job which she had worked for over 20 years, and became a professional cooking tutor and a private kitchen chef. Moreover, Petty never stops learning. She studied French cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu in Tokyo. After graduation, she also took a barista course to enrich her knowledge in F&B. ©

Petty specializes in Chinese cuisines, including authentic Fujian dishes. After learning French cuisines, she even excels in merging them with traditional Chinese dishes and create new fusion dishes. Petty is a friendly chef who loves to share her delicious dishes and cooking experience with us.©

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