Chef Flora’s Recipe: Sauteed Prawns with Petai, Tempeh and Sambal

It’s Chef Flora’s cooking time again! As many people love seafood, this time, Flora is using different spices and ingredients to make the Sambal sauce. Together with two other common Indonesian ingredients, stinky bean and bean cake, she teaches us to cook an authentic Indonesian cuisine – Sauteed Prawns with Petai, Tempeh and Sambal. Let’s watch the video below and DIY at home!©

Sauteed Prawns with Petai, Tempeh and Sambal (Serving for 4)

Red Chili – 230 g
Petai – 150 g©
Tempeh – 1 pc
Prawns – 300 g
Shrimp Paste – 1 tsp
Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce – some
Lemongrass – 1 stalk
Lemon Leave – 3 pc
Cinnamon – 1 stalk ©
Garlic – 5 cloves
Purple Onion – 5 cloves
Galangal – 4 slices©

1. Slice the red chili, garlic, purple onion and galangal.

2. Cut the petai to half and wash with water. Dice the tempeh.
3. Devein and wash the prawns.©
4. Heat oil in a pan. Deep-fry the tempeh until they turn golden.

5. Prepare another wok. Stir-fry the spices.©
6. Add in shrimp paste and stir-fry. Add prawns, petai and tempeh.
7. Add half of the sliced chili and sweet soy sauce. Taste the flavors.
8. Add the chili left and stir-fry. Finish!©

About Chef Flora

Chef Flora was born into an Indonesian Chinese family, and her grandparents owned two small Indonesian restaurants in Hong Kong. She often jokes about herself being someone “raised in the kitchen”, as her mother had been taking her to restaurant kitchens since she was a child. Wanting to share her love of food with friends, she became a part-time private chef in 2017, recreating her mother’s Indonesian recipes, including many authentic dishes not widely available in Hong Kong.©

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