Chef Flora is teaching us how to make a delicious Indonesian dessert – Dadar Gulung, which has sweet coconut slices wrapped in soft and spongy pancakes! Check out the video below and learn how to make it!©

Dadar Gulung (Serving for 6)

Fresh Shredded Coconut – 150 g ©
Coconut Palm Sugar – 60 g ©
Egg – 1 pc
Flour – 210 g
Pandan Juice – 80 ml
Water – 200 ml©
Coconut Cream – some


1. Sift the flour. Mix the flour with the egg and pandan juice.

2. Mix with water gradually. Then, sift the batter to get a smoother texture. ©
3. Melt the coconut palm sugar with about 10ml of water in a pan. Mix with fresh coconut slices. Pan-fry till they are dried. Set aside.

4. Heat oil in a pan. Pour in about 1 ladle of the batter for one pancake. Pan-fry each pancake for about 15 sec. ©

5. Place the pancake on a plate. Wrap it up with the sweet coconut sugar inside. Pour coconut cream on top. Finish!©

About Chef Flora

Chef Flora was born into an Indonesian Chinese family, and her grandparents owned two small Indonesian restaurants in Hong Kong. She often jokes about herself being someone “raised in the kitchen”, as her mother had been taking her to restaurant kitchens since she was a child. Wanting to share her love of food with friends, she became a part-time private chef in 2017, recreating her mother’s Indonesian recipes, including many authentic dishes not widely available in Hong Kong.©

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