Chef Giuseppe’s Recipe: Gingerbread Cookies with Christmas Joy

Christmas is coming in just a few days! Our personal chefs have been receiving bookings for early Christmas celebrations since last week.  Last weekend, Chef Giuseppe cooked a 5-course Italian style Christmas feast and made gingerbread cookies as Xmas blessings to the Gourmets! Giuseppe also shared his recipe to the mothers so that they can make their own cookies!©

Follow Chef Giuseppe’s recipe below to make some gingerbread this Christmas! You can also write down your blessings on the cookies to personalise gifts to your loved ones.©

Ginger dough ingredients
Egg yolk                    2pcs
Egg White                 1pc
Flower honey           30g
Brown sugar             50g
Sugar                          150g
Soda Powder             ½ tsp
Lemon juice              3ml
Flour                           350g
Cinnamon powder   ½ tsp
Dry ginger                 ½ tsp
Butter                         160g
Coloured glaze ingredients
Egg white                1pc
Sugar powder         200g
Lemon juice            3ml ©

1) Pour the sifted flour into a bowl, add dried ginger and cinnamon powder, and mix together.
2) Then add the slightly softened butter. Mix them by kneading the butter, set aside.
3) Separate the egg white and the egg yolk. Add flower honey into two pieces of egg yolk and one piece of egg white.©
4) Then add sugar and brown sugar, and mix them well carefully.
5) Dissolve the soda powder in lemon juice. Add into the egg mixture.©
6) Take out the flour mixture that set aside. Put it into a new bowl. Add the egg mixture. Blend them by an electric mixer at medium speed, until the dough turns smooth.
7) Wrap the dough by plastic wrap. Refrigerate for 30 mins to cool and raise.
8) Prepare the coloured glaze. Add few drops of lemon juice into one piece of egg white that left before, and beat until fluffy.©
9) Add sugar powder, keep beating at medium speed for around 5 mins.
10) Divide the glaze into several bowls. Add a drop of different food colours into each bowl (Save one of the bowl for the white glaze). Put the glaze! with different colours into the piping bags.
11) Take out the gingerbread dough from refrigerator. Cover the top and bottom of the dough with parchment papers.©

A men's hands in gloves preparing dough with rolling pin

12) Roll out the dough with rolling pin to a thickness of 3mm.©

Woman hand preparing Christmas cookies ginger men top view

13) Cut the dough into desired shapes by cookie cutters.
14) Refrigerate the cookie figures with parchment paper to cool down.
15) Put into the oven at 180℃ to bake for 7 mins. Take it out and cool down completely in room temperature.©
16) Finally, use your fantasy to garnish your gingerbread with coloured glaze!

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-19 at 10.04.38

Freshly baked Gingerbread, how lovely is that!

What a great activity for the family to bond in Christmas! If you have interest on Chef Giuseppe’s other cooking, welcome to visit: , to check out his menus!©