The Sunday Ritual with Papa (by Chef Giuseppe)

Written by Chef Giuseppe

Since I was little my father was always my Hero, my best friend my example. He is a Lawyer and I was always thinking to be a lawyer and this influenced my education. We had a lot of rituals between us, the pizza on the 24th of December, ski trip together each year and so on.

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But the most amazing thing we did together and I was always waiting for was the Sunday Ritual. Often he and I would go to the Napoli’s fish market to choose the best fish and seafood, just delivered from the fishermen’s boat. For me, a little child, it was something amazing. The fishermen screaming, the colors of live and fresh ingredients, the smell of the sea… And after the market he would cook it for all our family and friends. On the way back on our Vespa from the market we were already planning how to cook and what to do.

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His best dish and also our favorite family dish was the risotto seafood, a dish that requires many ingredients and a lot of work to prepare. Once at home he wore his apron and the show was about to start! “Today Papa will cook for us!” I was trying my best to help him, even though I was more a distraction for the process. Having herbs, squids, mussels, clams, fishes, all kind of seafood, super sweet and red tomatoes, garlic sizzling, with the sound of the wine deglazing the rice on the pot and Papa singing, it was for a child the perfect scenario to bond and fall in love with his super Papa!

These amazing Sundays were a fairytale to me and I still remember with love the warm and happy atmosphere. If something leads me to love cooking and to love to take care of the others, for sure thanks to my loved Papa Alberto!


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Don’t forget to say thank you to your father and spend time with family on Father’s Day!

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