Summer is the “harvest festival” for fruits and melons! Since we are approaching “Dashu” of the 24 solar terms, we will be experiencing the hottest period of the year. Let me share some tips about food ingredients that can help you stay a cool summer! © 


Pineapple grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions, its main harvesting period is from June to August. It is refreshing and helps dissolving protein to enhance digestion in our body. Pineapple is one of my favorite fruits too! On sunny days, a piece of frozen pineapple from the tuck shop is always the best cooling snack. While dining at Chinese restaurants, “sweet and sour pork with pineapple” is also an appetizing choice. Many South East Asian cuisines use it as ingredient too. Our private chef from Malaysia, Chef Theresa, uses pineapple for an authentic and finger-licking Malaysian dish – Pineapple Prawns Curry.© 

Chef Theresa: Pineapple Prawns Curry

Winter melon

Harvested in Summer, winter melon is a good choice for cooling and replenishing moisture. Especially after having crispy deep-fried food, winter melon can help to smooth your throat. Moreover, it has rich nutrients which helps enhancing metabolism, skin-moisturizing and lowering fat absorption. Chef Andy, who is a personal chef cooking farm-to-table dishes, cooks “winter melon soup with braised beef and prawns“, and “winter melon soup with diced meat and dried scallops” that both taste great!© 

Chef Andy: Winter Melon Soup with Diced Meat and Dried Scallops


Cucumber has high moisture and Potassium content which help digestion. It is also one of the five ingredients of the popular green power juice. Cucumber is sweet and refreshing. It tastes very appetizing in the hot and stuffy summer. Our Thai Chef, Hazel likes to match serve cucumber together with satay and also uses it for the mouth-watering dish – Cucumber Chickpea Salad with Thai Peanut Dressing.© 

Chef Hazel: Cucumber Chickpea Salad with Thai Peanut Dressing


I love sweets and I’m always being attracted by the coconut desserts in dessert shops, especially those with a combination of different chewy ingredients! While enjoying hot South East Asian cuisines, a cool coconut for drink is definitely a perfect match! Coconut contains plenty of nutrients and it also helps to cool down our body. Chef Chi Wai Leung, Chinese personal chef on MobiChef, uses coconut in a nutritious soup – Stewed Silky Fowl with Morel in Kopyor Coconut. © 

Chef Chi Wai Leung: Stewed Silky Fowl with Morel in Kopyor Coconut

To welcome Summer, our chefs have prepared many seasonal Summer menus for Gourmets, offering more options for your dining occasions at home. Want to know more? Check them out at MobiChef!©