5 Things You Want To Know About Booking A Personal Chef

Personal chef service is very popular in recent years. People often invite a chef to their home to provide cooking service so as to enjoy the best private dining experience.  Over this year, more and more people know and fall in love with our personal chef services. If you have questions in mind about making a booking for chef services, learn more in this article to keep up with the trend!

Five things you may want to know about mobichef (mobile – chef):

  1. In this modern times, many people choose to privatize a chef when they host at home. Inviting chefs to cook at home is more affordable than you can imagine, you can find your favourite menu on MobiChef.com ranging from HK$500 to HK2,500+ per person (including chef’s cooking service and ingredients). 
  1. You may host a romantic dinner for just two of you or gather over 20 friends for a big celebrations! The menus on the platform have a requirement of number of people listed and are charging the price per head. And there are quite a number of menus with minimum 2 people – already good enough for a chef to cook a meal.
  1. Our personal chef service includes both professional cooking services and the ingredients. You do not need to worry about extra charges as they are already included in the prices listed on the MobiChef platform. On the booking day, the chef will arrive early before the appointment time. And after cooking, he/she will also clean the kitchenware before leaving.


  1. There is no need for a big kitchen at home. As long as there is a well equipped kitchen with all the basic utensils, such as a cooking stove (sometimes there is a requirement on gas stove or induction cooker), a wok and a pan, etc. In general, it is fine for a chef to cook in the kitchen when the flat can accommodate the required number of people.
  1. The chefs will normally use the host’s kitchen equipments and utensils, and some chefs will bring some of his own knives and special utensils. If the hosts wish to present the dishes with a set of unified tableware, but may not have enough dishes at home or do not want to wash their dishes. They can rent tableware from the platform when making the booking. Tableware rental includes delivery and cleaning service.


Instead of inviting your already-known chefs to home, where and how you can get professional and trusted private chefs? MobiChef is the first private chef platform in Hong Kong. To date, more than 50 private chefs from different countries have gathered on the platform offering more than 20 cuisine options, including Chinese, Western, Italian, French, Japanese and Southeast Asian foods, making personal chef more diversified and reachable.

The most valuable part of the private chef services is the opportunity to communicate directly with the chefs. After placing the order on the platform, you can use the messaging function on MobiChef to tell the chef your special requests while the chef will also confirm the hosts’ equipments at home. When the chef arrives on that day, he/she will further understand the environment with the host and will introduce the dishes to the guests during the meal. Don’t forget to seize the opportunity to ask the chef for cooking secrets!

To make a booking for a private chef, just go to MobiChef.com, select date and time and you will see all the available menus. You can also go to the chefs’ profile pages to learn about their background and expertise. The review system is reliable for you to make a choice as all reviews are written by guests who have booked the chef before. We always try our best to make the service simple and enjoyable. Take the chance for an unforgettable home experience in the next family/friends gathering!



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