Chef Theresa uses different flavorful ingredients to make this authentic Malaysian dish – Laksa Lemak Nyonya Style. See the recipe below and cook this delicious dish for your family and friends! Of course, you can also book Chef Theresa’s private chef service to try out other finger-licking Malaysian specialties at home!©

Laksa Lemak Nyonya Style (Serving for 6)

Ingredients (A) (Blended):
Belacan – 15 g
Shallots – 8 pcs
Garlic – 4 cloves
Fresh Turmeric – 20 g
Lemongrass (white part only) – 4 stalks
Candlenuts – 6 pcs
Dried Chilies – 150 g
(removed the seed, rinse 3 times & soak into hot water sit for 20 mins)
Fresh Red Chilies – 6 pcs
Dried Shrimp – 130 g
(soak in warm water)
Galangal – 15 g
Kalamari Limes – 6 pcs

Ingredients (B) (Soup Base):
Cooking Oil
Chicken Broth – 2 L
Laksa Leaves – 3 stalks
(Vietnamese Coriander)
Coconut Milk – About 400 ml
Salt – to taste

Mai Fun – 500 g
Beansprouts – 100 g
(remove the end part)
Fresh Prawns – 20 pcs
(peeled, deveined remove the dark vein)
Hard Boiled Eggs – 6 pcs
(Cut into halves)
Long Fish Cake – 1 pc
(cut into pieces)
Long Tofu Puff – 20 pcs
Fish Ball – 40 pcs


  1. Soak Mai Fun in cold water until it becomes soft.
  2. Pre-boil long tofu puffs and fish balls. Drain and set aside. Cut each long tofu puff half. Then pre-boil the prawns for 3 min. Take out the prawns and set aside. ©
  3. Add in oil to sauté all blended ingredients until aromatic. Stir fry until the paste dissolves.
  4. Add the chicken broth, bring to boil and add coconut milk. Continue to boil. © 
  5. Add tofu puffs and fish cakes. Add salt to taste.
  6. Blanch the Mai Fun and beansprouts with hot water separately. Drain them and transfer to a serving bowl. 
  7. Dish out the soup onto the Mai Fun. Garnish with prawns, fish cake and hard-boiled Egg & Vietnamese Coriander.
  8. Add side sambal and squeeze lime/ Kalamari juice onto the sambal paste. © 

About Chef Theresa

Chef Theresa is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She loves Asian cuisine and enjoys sharing her authentic Malaysian dishes with the discerning palette. Her Malaysian home style dishes use fresh ingredients such as turmeric, nutmeg, lemongrass, cinnamon, star anise and chilies and are wholeheartedly prepared to create a flavourful aromatic taste.© 

Theresa started her private kitchen since March 2016. Her cooking is a passionate rendition of the dishes she loves and her aim is not only to create a delicious meal but an enjoyable experience for all her guests. Her dishes range from mild to spicy according to Gourmets’ taste and she is happy to cater to your request. 

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