Time to cool down in the hot summer! Click the video below and learn from Chef Louis the easy cooking for Fresh Fruit Gazpacho. If you want to try out other delicious cuisine by Louis instead of cooking yourself, order his private chef service at MobiChef. ©mobichef.com

Fresh Fruit Gazpacho

Tomato – 180 g
Garlic – 1 pc
Purple Onion – 20 g
Red Bell Pepper – 15 g
Olive Oil – 5 ml
Ice – 80 g ©mobichef.com
Red Wine Vinegar – 3 ml
Extra-virgin Olive Oil – 20 ml
Mango – 80 g
Salt – some
Black Pepper – some

1. Remove the skin and seeds of the tomatoes. Remove the seeds of the red bell pepper. Remove the skin of the garlic and purple onion. Dice them and the mango. ©mobichef.com
2. Stir-fry the tomatoes, red bell pepper, garlic and purple onion with oil.
3. Put the cooked ingredients and ice into the blender for blending.

4. Add in mango and extra-virgin olive oil. Continue blending.
5. Add in black pepper, salt and red wine vinegar for seasoning. Blend until all ingredients are well-mixed.
6. Pour the Gazpacho into a bowl. Finish. ©mobichef.com

About Chef Louis

Being inspired by his culinary learning experience in Australia, Louis has nine years of cooking and wine pairing experience. Running his private kitchen since 2016, Louis specializes in designing tailor-made dinner menu for his guests.©mobichef.com

With the deep and unique understanding of Western cuisine and fine wines, Louis’ dishes do not only take into account the freshness of ingredients and the use of seasonings, but also emphasize the pairing of food and wine that bring the enhancement of the overall tastes and experiences. Louis’s strong dedication to details will definitely bring you a very different journey of taste and enjoyment.©mobichef.com

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