Seasoned Chinese Chef Leung Chi Wai has been working in the Chinese kitchen for over 25 years. His passion in cooking and invaluable work experience in 5-star hotel and chained Chinese restaurants help him further developed his career as a good private chef.

Chef Leung's Chinese cuisine includes both traditional and innovative dishes, he doesn't only concern about the food taste but also the presentation of every plate. That's why he is often invited for celebration occasions.
Experience Highlights

Executive Chef, Hee Choi Chinese Restaurant (2013 – Present)
Executive Chef, Hee Kee Fried Crab Expert Ltd (2010 - 2013)
Chef, The Royal Garden Hotel (1993 – 2009)

Chinese - Cantonese
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Chef's Note

In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes in the menu, the Chinese shall prevail.
I will bring 1 kitchen assistant for cooking work if there are over 10 guests
I will arrive 2 hours prior to the dining time
I can prepare vegetarian portion for some of your guests
For location that is not accessible by van/car, please contact Concierge for enquiry before placing an order
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Joyce N

Excellent meal. Everything was delicious. Highly recommend! Thank you chef Leung ????????

Menu selected: Tailor Made Chinese Dinner
Susan W

We had an excellent dinner party with Chef Leung Chi Wai. His dishes were, fresh tasty and well-represented. The fish skin, cold tofu, scallops and beef ribs were particularly impressive. Very likely to encore for future gatherings!

Menu selected: Good Friends Gathering
Fiona C





Menu selected: Delicious Moments
Susan W

We had an excellent dinner party with Chef Leung Chi Wai. His dishes were, fresh tasty and well-represented. The fish skin, cold tofu, scallops and beef ribs were particularly impressive. Very likely to encore for future gatherings!

Menu selected: Good Friends Gathering
Karen C

Thanks so much. Chef Leung and his assistant ( Mrs Leung ) were wonderful. The food both look and taste marvelous! Everything is so professional and we had a lovely evening !

Menu selected: Delightful Aftertaste
Doris L

Thank you so much the dinner was wonderful. My favourite dishes are the 雞油花雕蒸蟹 and 金獎雪山龍王炒麵Very tasty ! All my guests are happy and very full after the dinner. The deserts are also very delicious. Great chef and great menu.

Menu selected: Food Carnival
Alvina H

梁師傅的食物有一流食府的水平, 兩位都非常和氣友善, 各人都食得開心滿意, 亦為壽星預備驚喜安排,賓客讚口不絕,謝謝

Menu selected: Chinese Lunch (10-18pax)
Sealing C

Chef Leung and his sous chef are wonderfully well-organized, and their dishes are consistently outstanding. We hosted several dinner parties with their help and our guests always get wowed. They are also flexible and so pleasant to hang out with!

Menu selected: Good Friends Gathering
karen c




Menu selected: Happy Birthday
Edith A

Another spectacular dinner prepared by Chef Leung! Thank you very much. It was also great that you have made special options for the vegetarian diner as well!!

Menu selected: Delightful Aftertaste
karen c


Menu selected: Chinese Lunch (10-18pax)
Grace Z


Menu selected: Delicious Moments
chris t

The shrimp toast, pork lung with almond soup and the grilled beef ribs were exceptionally tasty. We were also pleasantly surprised by the thoughtful dessert especially made for our Father's Day Lunch. Perfect menu for our family lunch gathering, highly recommended!

Menu selected: Chinese Lunch (10-18pax)
Shirley L

Another delicious dinner by Chef Leung

Menu selected: Extraordinary Dining
Nicola L

My boss invited some VIPs for dinner, and he on purposely asked for Chef Leung, as Chef Leung's food is tasty and presentable. Chef Leung designed us the menu which my boss and our guests were so satisfied with it.
Thank you Chef Leung to make my job so much easier!

Menu selected: Tailor Made Chinese Dinner
Ckin T

never thought our kitchen's capable of producing this kind of food. spectacular, many wow factors, perfect for special occasions

Menu selected: Delicious Moments
Ryan L


Menu selected: Seafood Feast
Bem H

All dishes are great and the Eel really brought back their childhood memory for the senior family members, haa haa!

The dinner was well accepted by the family and friends and keep asking me how I came about Chef Leung, and I have told them about Mobichef and the range of cuisines you can offer. Chef Leung and his assistants are very friendly and help us out throughout the evening.

All in all, a great evening and we will certainly consider Chef Leung and Mobichef again for our next family event.

Thank you!

Menu selected: Tailor Made Chinese Dinner
Nicola L

Chef Leung's menu is very addictable that you would order the same menu again once in a while....... Never get bored with it.

Menu selected: Good Friends Gathering
Nicola L

This is not the first time having Chef Leung with us. This time we ordered the custom made menu. He is so caring to remember my bosses always rushing during their lunch. He has been very thoughtful to design the menu that are easy to chew and boneless. No need to mention how delicious they are!

Menu selected: Tailor Made Chinese Business Lunch
Nicola L

I chose Chef Leung for 7 times already, He never disappoint me.

Menu selected: Tailor Made Chinese Business Lunch
Clara L

Great food, good service, all of us had a wonderful dinner at that night!

Menu selected: Food Carnival
Shirley L

Delicious and sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner.

Menu selected: Delightful Aftertaste
Kevin C

梁師傅做得非常出色, 由頭盤至主菜,到甜品都盡顯心思。每一道菜都很美味,而且擺盤靚,真正的色香味俱全!






Menu selected: Customised banquet menu
Edith A


Thank you so much for the wonderful food and the attentive explanation! It was a wonderful afternoon!

Menu selected: Chinese Lunch (6-9pax)
Josette F

Yes, the food is excellent so is the service too. Please send my regards to Chef Leung. Will definitely use your service again.

Menu selected: Delicious Moment
Hiuyan S

實在太正!昨晚跟好朋友、家人小聚,梁師傅這個seafood dinner 由頭到尾都非常精彩。師傅拿的海鮮十分新鮮,加上他細心處理,又有深厚的烹調功架,令每道菜都令大家讚不絕口!

重點highlight 我最喜歡的:

同場加映好友帶來有錢都買不到的珍品Vintage FOV 大家呷一口便感動不已。令人回味的一個晚上!

Menu selected: Seafood Feast
Nicola L

It was a lunch for my bosses and client and our second time having Chef Leung with us. The food is excellent not only on its taste, but presentation and smell too! You can truly tell chef Leung is cooked by his heart.
Thank you Chef Leung, my bosses gave a big thumb up. I'm surely we will meet again in the near future. (Hope I can squeeze in your tight schedule > < )

Menu selected: Good Friends Gathering
Jenne X


Menu selected: 精選午餐(10-18位)
Wang R


Menu selected: Seafood Feast
Jenny W


梁師傅,令我不相信自己屋企廚房可以煮到咁精緻嘅菜式,d 野食 presentation 好靚,食客個個都讚好食,好過出街食!

特別一讚,秘製燒牛肋骨 個汁!一定要點、充滿濃濃嘅牛肉味,令到成個菜式畫龍點睛。

Menu selected: Good Friends Gathering