Born in HK and raised in the United States, Chef Marc started his culinary training at the age of 16. With a background of family business in restaurants, Marc is passionate about cooking since his childhood. He has worked in various Chinese and Western restaurants in the states for years and was deeply influenced by the blended culinary cultures by the great California.

Specializing in cooking with bold flavours and with his east-meets-west cooking method, Marc likes to use the freshest ingredients to provide warm and welcoming dining experience to his guests.

Marc believes great food is one of the most essential elements of life - whenever you have friends or family gathering, there is nothing better than just sharing good food and laughter with your loved ones. Cooking is a never-ending journey, other than preserving the traditional cooking recipes from the old days, Marc always look for new ideas for creating new recipes from all over the world in order to freshen up guest's taste bud. If you want to experience his finest recipe, go check out his menus and make an appointment with MobiChef today!!
Experience Highlights

Part Time Private Chef (2011-Present)
Sous Chef Cafe Maxim, Los Angeles, USA (1998-2003)
Sous Chef Go N Win Chinese Restaurant, Los Angeles, USA (1995-1998)

Chinese - Cantonese, Chinese - Jiangsu, Asian Fusion, California
Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Chef's Note

In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes above, the Chinese shall prevail
I am pet friendly
I will arrive 2.5 hours prior to the dining time
I am sorry that I do not go to outlying islands
I will only bring kitchen assistant for cooking work if needed
I can prepare vegetarian portion for some of your guests
Please suggest parking location near the venue
For location that is not accessible by van/car, please contact Concierge for enquiry before placing an order
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william c

the food was very good and everything went smoothly. we are all very happy to arrange this private dinner.

Menu selected: Custom Delicate Chinese Dinner
Victor A

Fantastic dinner prepared by Chef Marc, great service and patience!

Menu selected: Regional Cuisines Of China
Joyce L

Chef Marc have created a very impressive dinner at our party of Six! He combined his talents in both Chinese and Western cuisine, we were lucky to try his creativity dishes in both side of his specialities! He is accommodating to our needs also he took a lot of time for preparation in each detail! His food is at perfection with home cooking favour but with Star restaurant quality.

Menu selected: Regional Cuisines Of China
Eva T

Chef Marc gave us a memorable dining experience at home. He was excellent from designing the menu to execution. We enjoyed his cooking, admired his passion for food, and would love to book him again in the future.

Menu selected: Custom Delicate Chinese Dinner
Belinda L

As always, great tasting food! Thank you!

Menu selected: World Gourmet Party Feast
Ming C

The dinner was good, delicious!
Thank you for your arrangement!

Menu selected: The PRESTIGE Banquet
Nicola L

if you are looking for more traditional food, Chef Marc is a good choice! One of our guests doesn't eat fish, and he helped to change one of the dishes which match with other items too!

Menu selected: The Taste Of Jiangnan
Sally W

Great food and service from Marc. The chicken rice is the best. Will book Marc again in the future.

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Small Group)
Belinda L

The dinner that Marc Chiu prepares for us on Saturday was delicious. I think the below attached photos speak for themselves. Thank you!

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Whole Group)
Kenneth K

Chef Marc is a friendly, courteous and talented chef. Every dish he cooked was delicious and my son liked them so much that he even asked for more!
Chef Marc is also a fantastic photographer, and he took a few nice photos of our family. Highly recommended!

Menu selected: The Taste Of Jiangnan
Sally W

Marc was wonderful. All the dishes were very delicious, from starters, soup, main course to desserts, including all the sauces that went with the dishes were so so good! There were so much food that all of us were so contented. We will definitely have Marc again in our kitchen soon.

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Small Group)
Wei Z

Everything is good and Mr Marc cooked well and served cordially. All of us satisfied with the dinner. Thanks

Menu selected: Essence of Cantonese Cuisine
Iris L

Thanks Marc for giving us a sumptuous meal on Saturday. We have ordered a Cantonese menu with dishes like fried sesame shrimp toast, chilled abalone with Chinese wine, stir fried Hokkaido scallop with milk and many more. I enjoyed fried oyster with fresh tomato salsa and the chicken and fish maw soup most. Food was enticing and portion of food was also good. Our group of 12 gourmets all had an enjoyable evening.

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Whole Group)
Jacky S

Marc and his wife were a great host chef. We had a party of 15+ people and everyone was served graciously. The food was fantastic. From the lobster soup, to fried calamari, to the steak, everything was done perfectly. Couldn't have asked for more and would definitely do this again. All my friends would not stop raving about the quality of the food.

Menu selected: World Gourmet Party Feast

Thank you very much Marc for a delicious custom made meal. He is courteous, professional and attentive. I have a separate table for the children and he was able to take care of them. They love the Korean fried chicken! A great first time Mobichef experience.

Menu selected: Custom Made Party Menu
Shirley L

Enjoyable evening with delicious dishes prepared by chef Marc Chiu

Menu selected: Essence of Cantonese Cuisine

感謝廚師Marc Chiu為我們精心準備私房菜,對其所烹調的佳餚我們非常滿意。無論是從食物色澤還是食物口感,我們都非常享受。再次感謝Marc Chiu為我們準備佳餚,這次私房菜的體驗,我們很喜歡!

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Small Group)
Lixi Y

Chef Marc is very diligent and attentive. He prepared food several hours beforehand to ensure the dinner starts right on time. He also added some fusion taste into traditional Chinese menu given his US background and the taste was delightful. Chef even helped cleaned up kitchen and did most of the dishes before he left. We had a wonderful experience. One little suggestion is that the portion for main dish seemed to be a bit large. For people with small appetite pls let the chef know in order to control serving size.

Menu selected: Essence of Cantonese Cuisine
Ch Kelly H

Chef Marc once again made us all satisfied with his new menu. Our Mother’s Day celebration went very well, everything was tasty, we specially like the clam salad and the eel, which were so delicious, we finished them so fast. Thank you chef Marc made our celebration memorable.

Menu selected: Essence of Cantonese Cuisine
Joan Y

This is 3rd times to order MobiChef. Marc is the 2nd times cooking for us. I also invited my friends to join the dishes and they are loved and enjoy very much! We are looking forward to find the next menus. Thank you Marc again!

Menu selected: The Taste Of Jiangnan
Olivia L

多謝Marc 為我地準備左一餐好豐富既團年飯!每道菜都好好味,最深刻係冰鎮糟鹵鮑魚,古法外婆紅燒肉及芝麻豆沙鍋餅,食唔停口!油豆腐花甲粉絲湯都好鮮甜。清炒蝦仁都好好食!大人細路都食得好開心!Thank you so much Marc!!!

Menu selected: Shanghai Lunch Essence
Michelle V

Very much enjoyed the Marc Chiu dining experience. The dishes were timed perfectly and there was a delicious variety of flavors (we had the Shanghainese feast). He accommodated our multiple dietary restrictions without fuss and made the night seamless. Our guests were happy and even asked him for a card for future meals.

Menu selected: The Feast of Jiangnan
hanie s

We had a lovely dinner party of 15 at home and Chef Marc prepared many tasty dishes for us.
The Thai style Scallop Quinoa salad with Wonton skin was amazing.
We also enjoyed very fresh and sweet Geoduck Sashimi . The Baked Geoduck rice was also popular among our guests.
I am fond of cooking and entertaining very often at home. But having a Chef over to preparing everything so I could have more time to mingle is super! Thanks again, Chef Marc!

Menu selected: World Gourmet Party Feast

廚師非常細心 , 食物精緻 , VERY GOOD !

Menu selected: Essence of Cantonese Cuisine
Barbara W

Appetizer r all very good! Everyone likes the sauce n crispy biscuits!!! We have to request Marc encore more biscuits!

Beef & pork main course r very impressive! I love the rice with sesame oil wrapping with lettuce! The pork isn’t 肥膩 at all! Very very nice!

For mobichef:
全靠 MobiChef, 時間緊迫下安排了這兩次的Celebration 我實在好滿意(第一次由Giuseppe 主理,第二次由Marc 主理!) 至少我不太辛苦,又非常超級開心!

Menu selected: Around The World Food Party
Phoebe M

Another great experience on Mid Autumn festival. Thanks again Marc!

Menu selected: The Taste Of Jiangnan

Very Good !

Menu selected: World Gourmet Party Feast
Grace G

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Small Group)

好好食, 尤其是 "慢煮焗韓式豬五花肉伴生蠔辣泡菜" , 雖然是五花肉, 但完全沒有肥膩感覺, 而且配生蠔食非常特別.

Menu selected: Around The World Food Party
lufeier c


Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Whole Group)
Joan Y

第一次邀請廚師服務到家裡準備晚餐,簡直令我們喜出望外。菜式的色、香、味完全感受到一個字「正」。除了欣賞和享受菜式外,亦非常感謝廚師Marc Chiu的專業態度及與我們一家的互動,時間上的掌握亦非常到點,巳經在期望再有下一次的預約

Menu selected: The Taste Of Jiangnan
Phoebe M

It was a lovely evening thanks to Marc and his assistant. The food served was fresh and tasty. I could talk to my guests instead of slaving and stressing in the kitchen. I would do this again!

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Whole Group)
Barbara W

如果叫我寫昨晚晚宴的Review, 我反而想請 Chef Marc 同時寫下他的感想!Marc 為我們承辦了一個24人的生日晚宴,實在想知道他的感想!
三個月前,公公開始身體不適,行動不便,大家都好著緊今次的生日飯。我們昨晚實在非常非常開心,有 Marc 和 Mobi Chef 的安排,令我們享用了一塲別開生面的生日晚宴!
每一味菜色大家都讚不絕口!香醋黑木耳、冰鎮肴肉,係常見的頭盤,以為不外如是,誰知道我們食完再食,要Marc 為我們一添再添!
湯圓係公公最愛的甜品,變成小芋圓,甜度恰到好處,配蕃薯又唔Heavy, 大家都食得非常開心!
仲有Gary 一如既往的專業 table service,成晚流程十分順暢。謝謝Mobi Chef team!!

Menu selected: Tailor Made
Doris W

Thank you Chef Marc for preparing us a wonderful dinner! He is friendly, efficient and well organised. We all enjoyed the dishes. Surely will invite Chef Marc to cook for us again!

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Small Group)
Louisa L

Both taste & presentation is on average, rooms for improvement.

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Whole Group)
Thomas C

Good food and we enjoyed very much!

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Whole Group)
Jamie Y

Amazing private birthday dinner ! Marc is so nice and helped us to make the dessert plate with birthday wordings on it.
All food are super delicious especially the korean pork belly with Oyster, we all loves the food you prepared. Can't wait for the next! We highly recommended Marc to my friends.

Menu selected: Around The World Food Party
Barbara W

鮑魚好正, 糖醋龍躉魚片個汁超好味
整體來說成個江南小聚menu 設計得很好, 菜式豐富, 好好味的!
大家都食得好開心, 多謝 Marc!

Menu selected: The Taste Of Jiangnan
Jenne X


Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Whole Group)

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Small Group)
Ch Kelly H

Chef Marc brought us wonderful dining experience, every one of us was pleased with his service and delicious dishes.

Menu selected: The Feast of Jiangnan
Eunice W

好朋友的bridal shower,想在自己的地方自在地chill下傾下計,但又想食好一點,聞説有mobi chef這個平台於是決定一試。朋友選上了Marc的 ”around the world” menu。事前整個溝通過程Marc都非常friendly及responsive,有問必答。他知道這是bridal shower,主動建議準備一個extra的welcome drinks作為給準新娘的小驚喜,甚至樂意配合我們last minute的要求,改良這個特飲以用上準新娘最愛的顏色,又願意為我們準備personalised的printed menu,非常貼心。

當天Marc全程都非常專業,看得出所有擺盤都有精心構思過,食物水準亦非常高,每一道菜大家都讚不絕口,尤其欣賞pork belly+生蠔的新穎配搭。食物份量非常充足,我們其實未食主菜已經飽了一大半,不過很欣賞Marc貼心地因應我們飽餓的程度調校上菜速度及次序。所有朋友都對當天的午膳非常滿意,慶幸第一次用mobi chef的經驗就如此正面,又遇上Marc這麼出色的廚師!Thanks Marc,有機會一定會再試試你其他的Menu :)

Menu selected: Around The World Food Party (Lunch)
Rachel H

多謝MARC 同 MOBI CHEF 為我地準備一場精緻又好味既午餐! 當日我地在會所舉行簡單結婚儀式及午膳, 由於出席人數不多, 又想食得精緻D, 會所亦提供廚房設備, 但我時間緊逼 (只有5日), 好彩搵到MOBI CHEF 幫我地安排食物 及 MARC

1) MARC 好好, 提早到達幫我地準備食物, 上菜時間掌握準確
2) 奶奶對其中一款豬手菜色既煮法好有與趣, MARC 即時解答分享, 邊食邊跟廚帥互動
3) 老爺奶奶很滿意當日既食物, 服務, 氣氛 同私人度, 覺得物有所值 (老人家覺得唔貴就真係唔貴)
4) 菜式款式多樣, 食物質素有驚喜 而且好飽, 份量好足夠 (我最鐘意鮑魚, 豬手, 蠔, 花膠湯)
5) MARC 外型專業邊煮邊留意我地 睇得出用心!
1) 網上落單後即時專人"主動"聯絡我商量當日事宜, 晚上都有人回覆WHATAPPS, 比我更緊張, 難得
2) 當知道我係舉行結婚儀式, 重主動安排一位待應給我, 感謝!
推薦 MOBI CHEF AND MARC 俾所有人! 真係好幸運遇到你地, 當我又趕又手幫腳亂果時幫我安排得咁好!
希望你地生意蒸蒸日上 感謝你地既誠意同用心 加油! 一定再見到你地!

Menu selected: The Heart Of Hong Kong (Lunch)
Shirley L

I have my first experience on Friday. The food is excellent. I am worry about cleaning up afterwards, but the chef is very organized. We all enjoy the dinner.

Menu selected: The Taste Of Jiangnan (Dinner)
Yue D




Menu selected: Around The World Food Party (Dinner)
Yue D

第一次試用Mobi-chef搵廚師,感覺超方便,屬高水準之作!整個過程由whatsapp CS查詢(超詳盡和有效率的回覆????????),到網上落單,以至確認訂單,都非常簡單方便!



Menu selected: Around The World Food Party (Dinner)
Kingho N


Marc 全部野都好好食,特別要講個鮑魚同香蕉:

Menu selected: The Taste Of Jiangnan (Dinner)