Vlorla (Flora) was born in an Indonesian Chinese family. After her grandparents migrated to Hong Kong in the 70’s, they had opened two small Indonesian restaurants named “Subur” and “Good Luck” in Hung Hom and Tsuen Wan respectively. Her mother brought her to the restaurant kitchen since she was a kid. That’s why she now describes herself “someone being raised in the kitchen”.

After grown up, Flora took some cooking courses to further equip her cooking skillset. However, the kitchen work in restaurants in the reality is too harsh for her that she could only share her food with friends. Word of mouth spread since she started to cook for friends at their home, and she started being a part-time private chef in 2017. Flora keeps the Indonesian recipes from her mother, many of the Indonesian dishes she does are not vastly available in Hong Kong restaurants. Every time when she cooks in a private occasion, she freshly blends the spices from scratch and prepare the sauces on-day for her homey dishes. Flora is a happy and approachable chef; she cares about the taste and also the presentation of her dishes as both make up a complete dining experience for the Gourmets.

Let’s explore Indonesian food together!

Experience Highlights

Guest Chef for cooking class, City’super Culture Club (2019 – Present )
Private chef (since 2017)
Penasia School Continuing Education - French Fusion Pastry (Jul - Sep 2015)
Penasia School Continuing Education - Intermediate Cakes and Chocolate Classes (Apr - Jun 2015)
Penasia School Continuing Education - Cakes and Dessert Classes (Jan -Mar 2015)

Indonesian, Thai, Fusion
Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, Mandarin
Chef's Note

In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes in the menu, the Chinese shall prevail
I will bring 1 kitchen assistant for cooking work if there are over 10 guests
I will arrive 3-4 hours prior to the dining time
I can prepare vegetarian portion for some of your guests
For location that is not accessible by van/car, please contact Concierge for enquiry before placing an order.
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Hiuyan S

We booked flora for a celebration dinner with very close friendr last night, and it was really impressive. As many of us are not familiar with Indonesian cuisine, we chose this menu out of curiosity. We requested to upgrade a certain courses to seafood as well. And flora didn’t disappoint us! From the first dish to the end, we were all amazed by the unique taste she brought to the table. We believe that her passion in cooking is the key to success. Thank you flora! We all had a very happy night!

Menu selected: Homey Indonesian (For 6-9)
Nancy T

Chef Flora was friendly and mingled well with all the guests. My very first time to try Mobichef and the goals were achieved, first being enJOYing good food at our cosy home, second it made a surprise to my kids as this was planned as their birthday dinner.

Menu selected: Selera bagus
Christine W


Menu selected: Homey Indonesian (For 6-9)
Moski M

1) 份量比較多,可能今次因為長輩教多,大家掛住講多過食,看見頭三道菜又靚又好味就係咁食、湯每人都飲左三碗,食到中段戰鬥力無以為繼。。。建議開盤份量可少一點做多精緻點,或事前問一下長輩多/年青人多,份量可因以控制。如份量真的多了,可預先準備一些盒給賓客帶走淨餘食物,讓大家真正滿載而歸。
2) 鴨調味汁味道較濃,如中間有些酸甜涼菜間場中和一下,效果更佳。

Menu selected: Indonesian Thai Fusion (For 10-15)
Clarine Y

Flora made really delicious food for us. She used fresh ingredients (including home grown herbs) and her dishes were not something one could easily find in restaurants. Flora is also very pleasant to talk to. Thank you for giving us a memorable evening.

Menu selected: Classic Thai & Indonesian
Ray C

Menu selected: Selera bagus
Jessica L

這是第二次找Flora 在家煮,真係次次有驚喜! 大家對她的菜式讚不絕口! 小朋友和大人都食得很愉快、享受!

Menu selected: Selera bagus
Lu X

這其實是我第三次試Flora 的手勢,之前兩次是朋友host 的,今次先己訂。
還是非常滿意, 也一如既往的, 份量充足, 大漢也絕對吃得飽飽的....

頭盤的蝦剌身十分新鮮, 青檸辣汁十分醒胃, 蝦頭炸了, 也能佐酒;之後的鮑魚也十分有份量, 聽說是南非來的。比一般街市看到的大連鮑大上一倍,鮮甜彈牙;生菜包爽脆, 和牛香口肥美, 烤雞也嫩滑, 沒有過老, 還有炒蜆和炸生蠔... 最後的海膽炒飯是致命的一擊, 吃完已經沒有反抗能力....... 糖水是楊枝甘露, 忘記拍照!

再次見面, Flora 仍是那麼親切, 若要招呼朋友, Flora 的出品絕對不會讓人失望!

Menu selected: Selera bagus
Shirley L

We have enjoyed the food tremendously. It’s not only delicious but also a dinner cooked with heart.

Menu selected: Classic Thai & Indonesian
Sam W

又再預約FLORA的印尼菜了, 座上也有印尼華僑的朋友.

這次人數多了, MENU也有改變. 前菜的小青瓜和蝦片很香脆,
酸湯十分開胃, 竟然是只用疏菜煮成了, 難以置信的鮮味.
串燒選擇了牛肉, 又香又軟. 蛋包也很特別, 蒸出來比較滑.
臭豆煮蝦很爽, 但臭豆不是每個人都喜歡.
峇里蛋是我的最愛, 配飯一流,. 最後的牛肉黃薑飯是致命的一擊……已飽.

甜點是牛油果雪榚, 不太甜, 很香很滑.
佐餐用的是德國的RISELING 還有RHONE的紅酒, 和帶甜辣的菜正好合襯.

廚師十分友善. 值得推介.

Menu selected: Indonesian Thai Fusion (For 10-15)

非常精緻的傳統印尼菜式 , 而且選擇的香料大部份都是由 CHEF FLORA自家種植,包括用來製作甜品的班蘭。值得推介!

Menu selected: Indonesian Thai Fusion (For 6-9)
Chloe S

Great experience

Menu selected: Selera bagus
Jessica L

Flora is a very friendly and experienced chef. Her dishes taste very good and look presentable. She can adjust dishes to fit different guests. Even kids love her dishes. Highly recommended!

Menu selected: Selera bagus
Jenne X


Menu selected: Homey Indonesian (For 6-9)
Agnes H

We hired Flora for a dinner party of six because we wanted something different. She helped us prepare an Indonesian-Thai menu with the request of no spicy and limited seafood selection. No spicy for Indonesian-Thai food? Yes, she did it and the food was great! It was different from dishes you see in a regular Thai or Indonesian restaurant. You can tell she put a lot of effort into it. We would definitely recommend Flora! And we look forward to hiring her again in the future!

Menu selected: Indonesian Thai Fusion (For 6-9)
Sam W

昨天是與太太之相識紀念日, 現今已是一家四口, 小孩還小, 工人姐姐放假, 外出或自煮都有難度. 決定第一次嘗試用MOBICHEF的服務, 並選了FLORA作為一第一位大廚. 7點半開飯, FLORA很準時, 4:30便到家了. 與我想像不同. 打開門, FLORA 換好制服後, 全程自動化. 7:30 便可準時用餐. 這次也邀請了外父外母, 4個人也很滿意. 已在討論下次要吃什麼了.

Menu selected: Homey Indonesian (For 4-5)
Michelle C

I’ve always enjoyed the service with Mobichef and Fanny’s assistance on everything. This time my friends and I want to give 5 plus stars with Chef Flora’s cooking and hospitality. Every dish was amazing and nicely presented. We loved Flora’s humbleness even though her food was amazing and the portion was generous. I will definitely have Flora back to my home again for another wonderful culinary experience.

Menu selected: Indonesian Thai Fusion (For 6-9)
Naja K


Menu selected: 潮食印尼泰式Fusion菜