James grew up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and his travels to China ignited his love for food. From there he embarked on a journey to work for some of the finest chefs in Australia. This opened his eyes to natural and indigenous food sources, and he likes to hike alongside coastlines, forests and beaches in search of elusive samphires, mushrooms and edible flowers. He spent 5 years as second in charge at Australia’s highest ranking restaurant ‘Attica’ under chef Ben Shewry. During his tenure he was responsible for managing a large and diverse team of up to 15 chefs ensuring exacting standards were maintained in every facet of the restaurant. He was an integral part of the creative development of the cuisine and for the duration of his employ the restaurant maintained its position within San Pellegrino’s Worlds 50 best list, peaking at position 21 shortly before his departure.

In 2016 the trajectory of his career shifted focus when James relocated to Europe in order to apply his craft within the yachting industry. Shortly after his first appointment James participated in the 2016-17 MYBA Charter Brokers Show chefs competition in Genoa Italy and was awarded first place. Since that time James has been in the position of head chef of 2 privately owned motor yachts cruising the Western Mediterranean and Caribbean alike, looking after the needs of his extremely discerning and high profile guests.

At present James spends 6 months of the year on board during the charter season and the other 6 months he bases himself out of Hong Kong with his wife - that's why he is here on MobiChef for your private events!
Experience Highlights

Private Chef, (Mar 2020 - Present)
Head Chef, SY EOS Lurssen (May 2019 - Jan 2020)
Sole Chef, MY Solis Mulder (Mar 2016 - May 2019)
Senior Sous Chef, Attica Restaurant, Australian, "World's 50 Best Restaurant" (Sep 2010 - May 2015)
Senior Chef de Partie, Royal Mail Hotel, Australian (Aug 2008 - Aug 2010)
Senior Chef de Partie, Restaurant 312, Australian (Jun 2006 - Jul 2008)
Apprentice Chef, Markov Place, Australian (Jan 2003 - Jun 2006)

- Winner, 2016-2017 MYBA Chefs Competition

Western, Multinational and Contemporary Western
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Chef's Note

I might not be able to accept booking made within 5 days prior to event, please check with Concierge if you need last minute bookings.
I will bring 1 kitchen assistant for cooking work if there are over 10 guests and Individually plated menu.
If there under 20 guests of banquet style menu, i will no need kitchen assistant.
I will arrive 2 hours in advance for preparation.
I am sorry that I do not go to districts not accessible by cars.
I can prepare vegetarian portion for some of your guests.
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Terence M

Chef James was very friendly and courteous and his Southern dishes were excellent. Highlights were the fried chicken which was very tender and crispy but not oily at all and also the red rice with spicy sausage - tangy and hits the spot. Difficult to find restaurants in Hong Kong that serve good Southern dishes so I would definitely recommend him!

Menu selected: Southern Big Banquet
Fiorella F

Chef James was lovely and very accommodating with our schedule. Every dish was delicious and well timed. We had an excellent meal. Thank you, James!

Menu selected: Tasting Menu
Amanda C

James was efficient, easy-going and low-key. The food was delicious and such a treat! Thank you.

Menu selected: Extended Tasting Menu
Gen C

We all enjoyed Chef James’ cooking a lot. Our friend had a great birthday surprise and we are thankful for chef’s delicious food and thoughtful arrangement. Thank you so much!

Menu selected: Tailor-made fusion menu
marie W

This was our first experience having a Chef at home, and we were thrilled! James did an amazing job, the menu was absolutely fantastic and we will absolutely book him again if there is an occasion to celebrate again!

Menu selected: Italian 4 Course Menu
Justine F

The dinner was absolutely lovely. We all enjoyed it. Massive thank you to Chef James!

Menu selected: Tailor-made menu
monisha w

Chef James did a very good job. My guests all loved the food he prepared!

Menu selected: Tailor-made menu
Benny Y

客人個個都讚好, 十分滿意!

Menu selected: Tailor-made menu
Amanda C

His food with really great and the portions were more than generous. We appreciated his efficient, no-fuss yet friendly approach. Thank you!

Menu selected: Premium Business Menu
Lynn C

We had a great time and all enjoyed James’ food. Really enjoyed having a dinner party and not having to do the cooking!

Menu selected: Premium Business Menu

It was really good!

Menu selected: Vegetarian Tasting Menu
Nicola L

It's our second times having James with us. He is a very nice Chef, very organised & tidy. His dishes are very creative & taste really good! We hope to see him in coming future

Menu selected: Business Menu
Fiona C

James was fantastic - such a sweet natured and down to earth guy! We were a dinner party of 13 and was having a murder mystery dinner so didn't really have much time to allow James to interact with the guests but the food and service was just completely spot on. The guests really enjoyed the food. A highly recommended experience!!

Menu selected: Tasting Menu
Andrew D

James’ food was amazing - all of our guest loved each of the dishes. He was also very responsive to our requests and customised the dinner to meet our needs. We wouldn’t hesitate to book James again.

Menu selected: Premium Business Menu
stephanie y

James was very punctual, professional, and polite. His skills with cooking fish and meat are outstanding!

Menu selected: Extended Tasting Menu

It was amazing. Chef James was extremely professional and courteous. His food and attention to detail was impressive.

Menu selected: Premium Business Menu
Subina M

It was great ! Dishes are nice except the dessert was too sweet.
He controls the time well.

Menu selected: Premium Business Menu
Kaniia W

We’ve a great might with chef James, is a europium food experience. Dining at home with a professional chef is a new exciting experience.

Menu selected: Mediterranean Banquet
Chun Ho L

Very professional Chef ! Well Done !

Menu selected: Tasting Menu
Mats D

Just wanted to pass a long a big message of thanks to chef James and his team. We really enjoyed the food.. though far more than we could ever hope to eat! He was super accommodating given the circumstances in the kitchen and us having to move indoors! Look forward to using you guys and James again

Menu selected: Tailor made menu
Alicia W

James was awesome! Thanks

Menu selected: Tailor Made Menu
Gigi S

第二次試Mobichef上門廚師,今次揀左Chef James,相當有水準 好滿意!!!

頭盤Snow Crab with Horseradish個賣相令我好surprise,原來白色嗰d粉係由辣根磨成,下面有酸酸地既冰慢慢溶緊,再配埋蟹肉一齊食,真係好fresh好開胃!

之後既Cauliflower and Nutmeg Soup with Coffee and Cocoa Crumb,再次驚喜!個湯好creamy 味道濃郁,再mix埋咖啡碎係好特別,冇諗過咁夾!

主菜係Wagyu Beef Cheek with Walnut, Parsnips and Mulled Wine,終於到左期待已久的和牛面頰,不得了!個牛煮得好腍好滑又,好香牛味,食埋下面既蘿蔔一d都唔會覺得膩,宜家諗起都想再食。

最後甜品係Peanut Butter Parfait with Salted Caramel and Soft Chocolate,我好少食花生味既cake,點知食落又幾好食,唔覺意清哂隻碟,不過唔好甜品既人可能會覺得有d膩!


Menu selected: Extended Tasting Menu