Hazel is a talented Thai Chef who has been constructing authentic Thai cuisines for over a decade both professionally and personally. Being born and raised in the Northern part of Thailand, she has the first-hand experience in vegetable farming and the practice of gastronomic arts. She furthered her studies in nutritional science in Khon Khan University to broaden her scope in the due diligence of food hierarchy.

Hazel’s enthusiasm for food began at the age of 6, while being steered under her mother and grandmother’s guidance. To them, using natural ingredients and balancing taste and color remain the most important. This had then led to Hazel’s desire to create menus that are both pleasing to palate and eyes.

After moving to HK, she gained additional culinary experience by partaking work in prominent Italian and Argentinian restaurants, while simultaneously achieving a certificate in HK Culinary Academy. This embodied her with knowledge in HACCP, Asian/European cuisine fine dining, wine pairing and restaurant/hotel operations.

She is currently a member of the HK professional Chefs Club. While getting in touch with over 50 chefs in Hong Kong, she has learned the importance of dedication and innovation. With her passion and experience, she will bring you the most authentic Thai cuisine and also Thai with the infusion of an Italian touch.

Now as a MobiChef, she will continue to cater professionally for all the Gourmets, in order to bring an unforgettable home dining experiences with the poise of craft, ambition and style.
Experience Highlights

In HK:
Chef de Partie - Hong Kong Football Club (2018 - Present)
Pastry Chef - Buenos Aires Polo Club (2017 - 2018)
Junior Chef - Pirata Group (2017 - 2017)

Thai, Italian
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Chef's Note

I will bring 1 kitchen assistant for cooking work if there are over 8 guests
I will arrive 2-3 hours prior to the dining time
I can prepare vegetarian portion for some of your guests
For location that is not accessible by van/car, please contact Concierge for enquiry before placing an order
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Julia T

We had a wonderful birthday meal prepared by Chef Hazel. All the dishes were authentic and very tasty. The presentation was excellent as well. Hazel very nice and friendly. She even brought us flowers and prepared menu cards for the dinner! We love everything about the dinner! Thank you Hazel!

Menu selected: Thai Seasonal Relish
Vivian A

I used Chef Hazel on two consecutive Fridays for my house warming celebrations. After the first night of dinner, we were so pleased with Hazel’s cooking and service that we asked her to come back for the second house warming party a week later. The dishes were so beautifully garnished and they all tasted delicious. Even my forever on diet “mosquito appetite” sister broke her diet and ate so much food. Hazel was very thoughtful to bring over flowers to decorate the table each time and designed a personalized menu for the event. She was sweet and warm and her cooking skill is top notched. Highly recommending Hazel to cook for you.

Menu selected: Magnificent Feast
Vivian A

Menu selected: Customised Thai Italian Fusion
Eric N

A great night with Chef Hazel, beautiful and very nice chef, the dish was beautifully presented and garnished, portion was more than enough, serving time and pace was well managed, all dishes were wonderful though the curry can be less salty, other than that everything was great, lastly, the dessert was absolutely tasty.

Menu selected: Fine Dine in Thailand
Steph L

Unfortunately we didn't take pictures but Hazel was a great help! Food was cooked well and she was very professional. Thanks for the service! it was lovely to have her!

Menu selected: BBQ Grill Service
Jenne X

Menu selected: Taste of Thailand
Ch Kelly H

It was wonderful experience with Ms Hazel to be our chef to celebrate Father’s Day. We had Thai fusion this time. The pineapple fried rice was extra ordinary that all of us love it. And the 4 appetisers were very good, not just delicious and beautifully presented. Not to mention the dessert chocolate cake, super yummy and we finished all. Ms Hazel had prepared flowers and personalised menu for us, it was warm and pleasant. Her service is definitely highly recommended.

Menu selected: Holiday Extravaganza
Carmen L

The food is excellent. Hazel is a wonderful chef and Gary is very professional and helpful. We all have a great time. Thank you for the arrangement.

Menu selected: BBQ Open Grill
Matt E

What a pleasure. From start to finish.
Hazel was friendly and professional in every regard, and served up a fantastic multi-course gourmet (both taste and appearance) Thai seafood meal. I also appreciate the fact that Hazel tactfully spent time with myself and my family to talk us through each course, and make small talk , without imposing in any way.
Efficient and immaculate. Superb meal.
Wonderful for my family, and I will also use the service again for entertaining my business clients.
Our sincere thanks Hazel.
Matt and Family

Menu selected: Thai Seafood Delicacy
Helen K

Thanks for lining up Hazel to be my Chef today (in a very short notice), she is very professional and sweet, she brought a bunch of Jasmine to my Kitchen which really lighted up my day. Hazel plate the dish beautifully, and most important of all the dish was very yummy. We really had a good time today, thank you very much.

Menu selected: Executive Fusion
Jennifer B

Chef Hazel did a beautiful job organizing and cooking a dinner for my guests and me. We were all very impressed. Everything from the table setting to the flowers, every detail was attended to. The food was excellent, taste was very nice with dishes that were quite inventive. I would recommend Chef Hazel.

Menu selected: Thai Luxury
Shirley L

Hazel gave us a memorable evening. The dishes are beautifully presented and delicious.

Menu selected: Executive Fusion
Barbara W

Another enjoyable Sunday brunch I hosted at home! This time I specially ordered both tom yum kung and tom ka gai as we had different preferences in the group. I asked my guests which they would vote for our future Thai gatherings, and they all answered BOTH! Well done Hazel! And of course, the satay, red curry, mango sticky rice are all delicious and nicely presented. there's nothing to complain, the brunch is just perfect

The kids table had spring rolls and satay that were very popular, they almost finished all of them.

Can't wait to see you again, Hazel!

Menu selected: Thai Family Brunch
Kutar L

I have an amzing dinner hosted by Hazel and Gary,
It was a surprise for my partner, we have had the Thai Fine dining menu, every dish was tingling and zesty made with freshest ingredients and love.

Thank you again for the love and efforts, will definitely host another party soon :)

Menu selected: Fine Dine in Thailand
Barbara W

Everyone is impressed by the very rich ingredients Tom Yum Soup, it tastes very good. Basically I like every dish! Tho the curry is a bit too spicy for myself, my husband and guests love it. the vermicelli for the curry is special. It is a delicious, authentic and relaxing lunch at home. Thank you Hazel!

Menu selected: Thai Family Brunch
lina z


Menu selected: Taste of Thailand
Michelle C

It was very good

Menu selected: Thai Seafood Delicacy

Chef Hazel is excellent. We had a wonderful birthday dinner with very delicious foods which were impressed.

Thank you Hazel who is cooking from her bottom of her heart. Thanks for your Xmas cookie and Xmas card.

Menu selected: Thai Seafood Delicacy
Michelle C

It was my first time dining Thai food at home. Chef Hazel brought the yummy food and beautiful presentation to my dining table. She even made a Christmas card and cookie for all the guests.

Menu selected: Thai Luxury
Michelle L


Menu selected: Executive Fusion
Terence T

Hazel is an amazing chef. We enjoyed the dinner so much, esp the Tom yum kung soup. Just like what Hazel said you couldn’t find the same taste in other restaurant. We chose the non-spicy version and it was the best tom yum kung we had. Thanks so much for preparing such a great dinner for us.

Menu selected: Executive Fusion
May L

Contracting MobiChef was a novelty that had given us a most delightful home dining experience. Hazel, the elegant Thai chef, was friendly & courteous, as well as confident, well-organised & professional in the delivery of culinary service.

Hazel has not only demonstrated an artistic flair in table setting & choice of crockery but has also inculcated much personal touches into enhancing the presentation of food. Hence a good harmony was maintained between the use of fresh & authentic ingredients in the cooking of exquisitely fine tasting & beautifully presented dishes that could delight even the most jaded palate!

The charge may be relatively steep. But I would consider it as being value for money when friends can hang out, chit-chat in a relaxed & cosy home environment while enjoying high-quality & professionally prepared cuisine!

The Lee Family

Menu selected: Thai Seafood Delicacy
Sam W

菜單比較辛辣清爽, 配偏甜的紅 / 白酒比較好一些.

前菜是生菜包和泰式木瓜沙律, 大廚已把辣度略為控制. 很清爽, 大蝦也新鮮.

泰式排骨湯肉質嫰滑. 主菜的牛排油脂很子, 配紅酒也不錯.

甜品是紅茶焦糖燉蛋. 紅茶香氣很特別.

不錯的選擇. 完全不能吃辣則不能考慮了.

Menu selected: Thai Countryside
Grace G

Super good!

Menu selected: Thai Seafood Delicacy
Jeremy L

Wonderful dinner prepared by Hazel, a very good mix of Thai and Italian cuisine. Definitely will try other manu from her in future.

Menu selected: Italian Thai Fusion
Hiuyan S

Hazel never disappoints! This is my second time trying her food. Before the dinner I was a bit worried about the portion as nearly all my guests are guys. But it turned out that we are all very very full, and there was even some leftover for my next day LOL

The minced pork appetiser 生菜包, rib soup, and the dessert are my favourite. The spicness is just right and Hazel is very caring, she checked from time to time our acceptance of spicy level. (This dessert is not on the original menu as we communicated with chef to make this change, because the original menu has a dessert I tried last time!)

We are all very satisfied. Hazel is a happy chef, we all enjoyed her food, and smile too :)

Menu selected: Thai Countryside

We ordered the Thai food lunch for my husband's 40th years old birthday party and we all LOVE it! The chef came 3 hours before lunch time and was very nice and polite. The meal itself included a big fish, rice noodle with prawn, curry crab, and finally a beautiful cake as dessert. The chef made everything from scratch. I'm very happy that I chose her as the chef and we all enjoyed the food. She stayed for 5 hours that day for preparation, serving, explanation, and clean- up. You feel yourself sitting in a 5 star restaurant (of course I think my house is better than the crowded restaurants outside in HK) without all the hassles eating outside. Fantastic meal! Best choice for party, romantic dinner, or any special moment that you want to indulge yourself and your significant others.

Menu selected: Thai Seafood Delicacy
Michelle L

Very delicious Brunch, Hazel is so nice

Menu selected: Thai Family Brunch
Jenny W

Thank you Chef Hazel for your cooking !


Menu selected: Thai Tasting Menu