Private Chef Xuelian, grown in Sichuan, is one of the most popular chefs on MobiChef. She uses her homemade chilly sauce and sesame oil to prepare Sichuan country-style dishes at Gourmets’ own place. She insists on using her own sauces and believes that it is the best way to illustrate her style of Sichuan cuisine.

Sichuan cuisine is not just spicy as how it’s perceived. Xuelian would like to bring Gourmets a wider variety of Sichuan dishes including non-spicy dishes Pork Belly, Deep Fried Crispy Pork Slides, CiBa Dumplings, SiChuan Preserved Eggs.
Experience Highlights

Private Chef (Since 2016)
Guest Chef, Cafe on the PARK, Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers (Sep - Nov 2017)

Sichuan (Chinese)
Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, Mandarin
Chef's Note

In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes in the menu, the Chinese shall prevail.
I may bring my kitchen assistant depending on the situation.
I will arrive 3-4 hours prior to the dining time.
At least two burners on a stove is required.
For induction/ electric stove, at least 2000W is required.
Pleaes specify if there is any food allergy, especially peanut as I use it in my homemade sauce.
I am sorry that I do not go to outlying islands.
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Wendy Yee

Thank you so much Chef Xuelian for cooking a fabulous dinner for us last night. My family is still talking about how delicious the dinner was and when we should hire Chef Xielian to cook another dinner for us again.

Menu selected: Mini SiChuan Family Cuisine (For 6-9)
Barbara Wong


自從懷孕後都沒有訂雪蓮,雖然她有很多不辣又美味的川菜,但我知道自己見到辣的菜式一定忍不了口。一直抑制著這「川菜癮」直到這天終按奈不住,請雪蓮度身訂製了個合適的菜單! 由下單的一刻已一直期待著!


My menu:


由頭到尾都非常出色! 今次跟朋友請雪蓮聚餐,家人已「呷醋」,說他們也很掛住她的菜,看來很快又會見了!

Menu selected: Chef Tailor Made
Grace Gu


Menu selected: Mini SiChuan Banquet (For 6-9)
Ray Suen

It was an amazing family dinner! It was a family gathering at home, Chef Xuelian’s food was liked by all ages including our grandma and the 3-yo!

Our kitchen isn’t a big one, a typical Hong Kong kitchen that stands around 2-3 persons. But Xuelian and her husband were able to cook over 15 dishes there! Each dish was out of expectation and give us a new definition of See-Chuan cuisine. I feel so glad that I finally chose her as our chef even some of the family members were worried that See-Chuan cuisine is oily. It turned out that it is not oily at all, even the chicken stock was prepared from fresh chicken at our own kitchen!!!

I cannot tell which dish is our favourite, we voted for different dish after the dinner, so the conclusion is: all of them are 5++++ star-rated!

Thank you Chef!

Menu selected: Medley SiChuan Cuisine (For 10 or more)
Zimen Heung

It is our first try with MobiChef and I think we picked the right choice. Sichuan food has always been one of our favourite cuisine and the chef’s dishes are really an eye opener for us to the authentic Sichuan food. Very delicious and very good food. Thanks to the lovely couple! bravo!

Menu selected: Mini SiChuan Banquet (For 6-9)
Jenne Xing


Menu selected: SiChuan Business Lunch
Priscilla Mak

李太及客人對當晚劉師傅的餸菜及廚藝非常滿意. 只是覺得味水煮牛的牛肉唔夠滑. 他們最喜歡味川味涼粉. ????????
再次多謝Fanny, 劉師傅, Gary, 劉師傅的丈夫當晚的安排

Menu selected: Chilli on Your Buds (For 10 or more)
Karen Ho

The dinner was excellent! Truly authentic Sichuan cuisine. One of our guests is from Sichuan and said the food is really authentic. Xuelian catered to our different levels of spiciness. This wife and husband team are great! Very down to earth, good attitude and accommodating. They even made extra dessert for the kids which was very nice too. Definitely recommend!

Menu selected: Medley SiChuan Cuisine (For 10 or more)
Barbara Wong

初九:四川私房菜 @Mobi Chef!
What a wonderful night!
實在感激!太好味了, 真的百吃不厭

Menu selected: Local SiChuan Family Cuisine (For 10 or more)
Dorothy Ma

We enjoyed very much our dinner which prepared from Chef Xuelian. Thanks to her husband explained every dishes with details that wider our knowledge of Sichuan cuisine. Highly recommend if you want a REAL Sichuan dinner!

Menu selected: Local SiChuan Family Cuisine
Barbara Wong

第一次食正宗的四川菜,辣到大家High High地!全晚有好多花工夫、時間和心機的菜式,絕對值得稱讚!大家都很喜歡這一凹一凸的夫妻檔,嬌羞羞的雪蓮廚師一直在廚房認真工作,說話不多蠻Cool的; 開飯時,富哥細心詳細的介紹令我們的晚餐生色不少。煮完成餐,終於見雪蓮廚師開懷談笑了!
We were really impressed how they walk us thru this Spicy Dining experience!
Learned a lot from their special ingredients n how "Serious", "Professional" they r towards the spices n tastes. The whole Dining experience is very completed n rich n brilliant!! There were 6 of us in the dinner, and each of us has a fav dish from the menu.
I like those cool appetizers.
My husband likes the 夾燒肉.
Two friends like 水煮牛.
One likes the shrimps n one likes the noodles!!! Everyone's different favorites proved that every dish is delicious!

Menu selected: Local SiChuan Family Cuisine
Susan Chiu

we enjoyed the sichuan dinner. chef xuelian and her husband fu did not disappoint. the menu was interesting and included some dishes from the chef's home village and so was different from what we have experienced so that was a treat. the original menu was already plenty but they gifted us with saliva chicken and tossed noodles `to sample', and they were delicious as well. we look forward to trying her other menus. thanks again.

Menu selected: Mini SiChuan Family Cuisine
Mary Ng

Amazing food! Highly recommended!!! We r all impressed! Brava

Menu selected: SiChuan Gathering Menu
Lily Chiu

Fabulous food!!!

Menu selected: Medley SiChuan Cuisine
Elaine Lee

We had Chef Liu visited our home last month. She cooked fabulous Sichuan dishes that night and all 8 of us enjoyed so much. Each single dish she made was all well cooked, very authentic and most important excellent taste. It truly changes our expectation on Sichuan cuisine. I would definitely recommend her to everyone. Her husband is also very helpful, friendly and he explained each dish thoroughly which made us enjoy even more when tasting the dishes. Thank you so much for bringing such wonderful experience to us, we will definitely have them again in the near future!
2 thumbs up!

Menu selected: Local SiChuan Family Style Cuisine
Tom Szeto

We are so glad having chef Xuelian and her husband Fu came to our home and prepared such delicious Si Chuan dinner for us and our friends. Sure all the dishes are prepared from her heart. All the sauces & ingredients are prepared by herself and many materials are purchased locally at Si Chuan.

We had a wonderful conversation with Fu while chef is preparing all the dishes from zero ground. We feel very comfortable of the ingredients and sauces because they are not just purchased off from any supermarkets / stores but they made the sauces themselves to ensure no additive / chemicals are added. This is the KEY concern of food safety nowadays.

Regarding the spiciness, we were a bit concerned that many Si Chuan dishes are hot and spicy but in fact not. There are only a few dishes that are little spicy. Chef is very caring of the level of spiciness that everyone can accept by adjusting it accordingly.

We definitely having chef coming over to prepare us another meal soon.

Thank you again chef Xuelian & her husband Fu!!!!



Menu selected: SiChuan Gathering Menu
Hazel Chan

This is our first Mobi Chef experience. We booked Chef Xuelian for a causal friend gathering. I was a bit worried at the beginning, as there were hardcore spicy eaters and non-spicy eaters among our group. Surprisingly, Chef Xuelian has tailor-made a great menu with a good balance between spicy and not spicy dishes. Every dish is authentic and delicious. Some of the dishes are even originated from Chef's hometown which haven't been seen before in other Sichuan eateries in HK. Throughout the dinner, chef's husband has shared some interesting stories with us about their ingredients and recipes, it has elevated the dining experience to another level. It was a night filled with great food, laughter, and lots of Sichuan cuisine learning. I would definitely recommend Chef Xuelian.

Menu selected: SiChuan Gathering Menu
D'Angelo Giuseppe

being part of this amazing poject decide to organiza a dinner with my wife, in theese days she is also pregnant , so was the best choice to avoid the croud of restaurants and same time have the pleasure of a nice dinner...
The chef come in time with all the ingredients , she starts to cook wile we were out , when we came back she was ready to let us try the sichan cuisine,
She has an incredible taste and balance,
The dishes were tasy and light, the husband explain us all the story about the ingredients the type of cuisine and we had a marvellous dinner with the confort of a restaurant in the privacy of our dining room...
Was Amazing!
For sure we will do it again and again we loved soo much!
Thank you very much mobichef keep on going!

Menu selected: Mini SiChuan Family Cuisine
Christine Wong

第一次用mobichef, 非常滿意

Menu selected: Local SiChuan Family Style Cuisine
Rita Chan

Xuelin and her husband John prepared a wonderful meal for us for Father's Day. There was altogether about 15 dishes but each dish was very delicious. As we had young children and elders, they were very attentive to how spicy we wanted our food. As they served each dish, they asked for our feedback along the way in order to adjust how spicy the next dish should be. Extremely good service and wonderful couple, and authentic home-made Sichuan food. Thank you so much for preparing the meal for us!

Menu selected: Local SiChuan Family Style Cuisine
Grace Cheng


Menu selected: Mini SiChuan Family Cuisine
Gary Chan

It was certainly an eye opening experience for us when Fu and Xue Lian presented their dishes one by one on our dining table. We knew very little about Szechuan cuisine though we kind of have the impression that they should be very spicy. Obviously, there is a lot more to it. A good number of dishes were rather mild or not even spicy at all. As for the spicy ones, they were actually quite delicate and the freshness of the ingredients was not overwhelmed. Also, the spices actually had quite a bit of depth as well, unlike the ones we had come across in restaurants which were usually quite one-dimensional. Overall, we were extremely satisfied and we even finished the leftovers the day after at lunch.

On top of the food, we were also very happy with the service. The chefs brought with them their own complete sets of tableware so it was pretty hassle free for us. When they explained the dishes, we could tell that they were extremely passionate about them. Xue Lian and Fu are the kind of chefs that get diners excited.

We have already booked our next meal with them.

Menu selected: Local SiChuan Family Style Cuisine
Janice Lai

The chef arrived on time and brought her own plates, equipment and utensils. The food was authentic Sichuan food and tasted much better than those in restaurants. Many of the dishes are not available in the Sichuan restaurants in Hong Kong and we were able to try a great variety of food, some of them spicy and some not. Overall, my guests enjoyed the cooking of Xuelian very much and Fu's detailed explanations. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Menu selected: Local SiChuan Family Style Cuisine
Kingho Ng

幾個朋友都中意食辣野, 雖然我唔係好好辣, 但都一齊試下啦... 未試過廚師上門, 都好奇想試! 見到介紹入面大廚話四川唔係所有菜色都係辣, 食飯當晚發現有少少唔辣的菜都幾好, 中和下嘛! 隻雞同水煮牛都好讚呀 勁快清晒! 亞富仲不時出來廳介紹下, 真係好專業! 最印象深刻係他們會自已做辣椒油同麻油來煮送, 好認真。我們都有試下聞佢的麻油, 係真係香好多.

Menu selected: Local SiChuan Family Style Cuisine