Master Chef Kevin Chuk has over 35 years of professional cooking experience. He has worked in well-known restaurants, hotel Chinese restaurants and restaurant groups, and has taught at the Chinese Culinary Institute of Hong Kong for more than 10 years. Chef Chuk specialises in regional Chinese cuisines from the North to the South and the East to the West, especially cuisine of Beijing, Sichuan, Shanghai, Hunan, and Canton.

Chef Chuk was employed by the Government House and celebrities as home cook in recent years. Cooking both homey dishes and banquet dishes in residential kitchens isn’t a challenge for him. He carefully selects ingredients, pays attention to details, and keeps improving every dish from time to time, his attitude leads to the high standard achievement.
Experience Highlights

Mobichef (2020 - Present)
Domestic Staff II (Chinese Cooking), Government House (2016 - 2019)
Chopper No.1, Howard's Gourmet (2016 - 2016)
Head Chef, Taiji Catering (2015 - 2016)
Stove No.1, Dong Lai Shun (2014 - 2015)
Executive Chef, Sichuan Paradise (2013 - 2014)
Senior Tutor (Sichuan and Hunan cuisine), Chinese Culinary Institute - VTC (2001 - 2012)

Northern Chinese, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Hunana, SiChuan, Cantonese regional Chinese Cuisines
Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, Mandarin
Chef's Note

In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes in the menu, the Chinese shall prevail.
Seasonal Ingredients in menus maybe changed subject to the market’s availability
I will bring 1 kitchen assistant for cooking work if there are over 20 guests
I will arrive 3 hours prior to the dining time
I can prepare vegetarian portion for some of your guests
For location that is not accessible by van/car, please contact Concierge for enquiry before placing an order
Chef requires a helper from the host to assist washing and cleaning
No lunch service available
Service area excludes remote areas and New Territories
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June W


Menu selected: 
Joey C

很滿意 師傅亦很專業和有禮

Menu selected: Tailor Made Menu
Vivian C

Chef Chuk is amazing as usual. His food is just perfection. You have to try his shanghainese dessert among all his other great dishes.

Menu selected: Chuk's Tailor Made
Elsie L

Chef Chuk is very thoughtful. His signature menu requires tons of work! Much appreciated for his time and profession to do the dinner for us on this special day! Extraordinary, high quality and scrumptious cuisine in term of presentation and taste. Thanks again!

Menu selected: Handcrafted
Angress L

It such a pleasure to have Chef Chuk to come to out tiny kitchen to prepare the feast! All dishes are serve with high quality ingredients and well seasoned. Can’t believe it can be done in my little apartment!

We all enjoyed the foods and we have cleared all the plates. Love it and looking forward to the next .

Menu selected: Home Style Menu
Lixi Y

Awesome chef and great dishes. We used Kevin for the second time and food remain impressive. Highly recommend!

Menu selected: Handcrafted (4-8 Person)
Christopher C

Chef Chuk prepared us a meal that showcased his vast knowledge and experience. Guests were extremely impressed and we would definitely recommend him to anyone who would like to be blown away by amazing food.

Menu selected: Chuk's Tailor Made
Kary H


[菜單曾修改 Menu was changed]

Menu selected: Corporate Luncheon (4-12 Persons)
Belinda L

All the dishes are delicious!

Menu selected: Good Harvest (6-8 Persons)
Kaye W

Thank you for the delightful dinner prepared by our great chef mr. Juk.

Each dish are presented beautifully, foods are fresh and tasty !
We love that there’s no MSG that we can taste the freshness and originality of the foods, all foods are not oily at all when we also love , and the green onion sauce (蔥油) is especially delicious!

It’s quite an enjoyment dinner for our family to have Mr Juk as our chef , will definitely book again !

Menu selected: Chuk's Tailor Made
Mille C

Thoroughly enjoyable meal. Chef Chuk’s menu was well thought-out, dishes were beautifully presented, and the food tasted wonderful. Chef Chuk was friendly, professional and efficient. We will definitely have him back again and try out his other menus. Highly recommend Chef Chuk!

Menu selected: Chinese Gathering (8-12 Person)
Chris H











Menu selected: Chuk's Tailor Made

Many thanks! Both food and services were great! Participants were very impressed and would like to repeat!

Menu selected: Good Harvest
Jessica M

We had a great meal, the guests enjoyed the experience very much and Chef Kevin did a great job. We felt bad that we didn't really talk to him much and the time went very quickly! Feedback for the food was very positive, especially the starters, soup and the lamb. Two very small points to feedback, the sauce for the mandarin fish was a bit thick/gluey but very tasty. A couple of the prawns were mealy/mushy but other than those couple of points it was a great dinner.

Menu selected: Good Harvest Menu
Janice W

Very good !!

Menu selected: Home Dinner (4-5 Person)
Vivian C

He was very very good. Will try to book him again soon!! I love his passion for cooking. The dishes were absolutely perfect And only one person. He’s a master for sure.

Menu selected: Chuk's Tailor Made
Justin K

We had a fantastic time on Saturday and the food was superb. Will definitely review when I have a second.

Menu selected: Deluxe Chinese Gathering
Lixi Y

Chef is highly professional and very friendly. His cooking was one of the best I had in Hong Kong. Chinese cuisine is difficult to be served with both nice presentation and taste, yet Chef Chuk definitely has achieved both in high standards. We like the taste, portion, and presentation. Thank you Chef!

Menu selected: Handcrafted (4-8 Person)
Man Kit C

Kevin 師傅非常出色,雖然兩個小朋友生飛滋,但都絕不錯過每一菜色!

Menu selected: Handcrafted (4-8 Person)
Sabrina F


Menu selected: Deluxe Chinese Gathering (8-12 Person)
Wendy K



鮑汁荷葉飯 每位一隻,好似珍珠雞大小!師傳拿捏個濕到剛剛好,唔會太濕也唔會太乾,最後上面炸脆嘅乾瑤柱絲,簡直就係畫龍點睛!


祝師傅 我想信很快會再見到你!;)






Menu selected: Handcrafted (4-8 Person)

很滿意 師傅亦很專業和有禮

Menu selected: