Chef Angelo has over 20 years of experience in 5-star hotels and prestigious restaurants. His exposure to international cuisines like Italian, French, Spanish, German and Russian makes him a truly special one to combine and manipulate all the finest ingredients into one dish. He developed his passion for cooking while he worked in different hotels and restaurants. With his talent he soon became the top one in the kitchens and wanted to develop something on his own. After working in different hotels and restaurants, he started his own eatery which provided him a place to thrive. Most of his innovative ideas on cooking have been realized during this time.

Chef Angelo is also a cooking instructor for his own private cooking class which he worked with different organizations.
Experience Highlights

Executive Chef, Mukia Catering International Group (2017 - 2018)
Chef, Boundary Western Cuisine (2014 - 2016)
Executive Chef, King Parrot Group (2010 - 2013)
1st Commis, Petrus Kitchen, Island Shangri-La Hotel (2010)
Section Head, Senior Cook, King Parrot Group (2001 - 2007)

Hong Kong International Culinary Classic 07, Western Cuisine (Bronze Award) (2007)
Hong Kong International Culinary Classic 05, Western Cuisine (Silver Award) (2005)
MILA Black Box Culinary Challenge (Bronze Award) (2005)

Italian, French, Spanish, German and Russian, Fusion
Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, English
Chef's Note

In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes in the menu, the Chinese shall prevail
Welcome to request changes of certain food ingredient in the set menu; additional charge may apply depending on the request.
I may bring my kitchen assistant depending on the situation.
I will arrive 2.5 hours in advance for preparation.
I can prepare vegetarian portion for some of your guests.
I am sorry that I do not go to outlying islands except the Park Island and the Lantau Island area accessible by cars. Additional charge applies to special request to these areas. I will arrange with you through messages once your booking is requested.
I am pet friendly.
For location that is not accessible by van/car, please contact Concierge for enquiry before placing an order
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Wendy L

This is 2nd time we engaged Angelo to serve dinner. Angelo is very professional and patience, the food is fresh and good!
Highly recommended

Menu selected: Festive Couple Sharing Tasting Menu (7 Couses)
Alfred C

We enjoy the evening with Chef Angelo coming. He is very professional and make us very good dinner. We all like it.

Menu selected: 5 Course Deluxe Set Dinner Menu
Chun Ho L

The first time using Mobichef for my dinner, highly recommend for everyone!

Chef Angelo was professional and everyone of us was enjoy his foods !

Menu selected: 4 Course Premium Set Dinner Menu
Jessi N

I had booked for a private dining experience for my parents for Mother's Day as I had to be away for a work trip. Chef Angelo did a wonderful job taking care of my parents and they had thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

Menu selected: Romantic Couple Tasting Set Menu (8 Courses)
Mei Sze Maze C

This is the 3rd time we engaged Angelo to serve dinner. We chose chef choice menu. Again, the food is good n fresh. We love the fish in particular. It was served with a sequence of taste by adding different sources while eating. Everyone of us enjoy the dinner n the guests would like to engage Angelo to serve at their home sometimes later too.

Menu selected: Chef Tasting Menu
Tai Wai David L

We have engaged the service of Angelo for 2 times. We have tried the 5 course deluxe dinner set and then the French Live Blue Lobster set. We are impressed all along. The food was fresh. The presentation of the dishes was nice. The taste was great. We understand that Angelo started to prepare 2 to 3 days before the dinner. He prepared for the dinner wholeheartedly with different mixture of ingredients for each n every dishes. Our guests were so impressed. Angelo was also so kind to prepare extra food for our helper without request. It is beyond doubt that he served a great dinner to us in an organized way. We are very happy for this experience. Needless to say, we are going to engage his service for the 3rd n 4th time very soon. Angelo is highly recommended.

Menu selected: French Live Blue Lobster Set Dinner Menu
Lixi Y

Angelo was very professional and well-prepared for our dinner. He paid attention to any food allergies and try to accommodate all of our requirement. The food quality and taste definitely meet fine-dining standard. I would strongly recommend Angelo to anyone looking for a memorable home-dining experience.

Menu selected: Chef Tasting Menu
Philia S

It was the first time I tried Mobichef and it was a wonderful experience!

My friend introduced to me the Chef Angelo at Mobichef and my friend told me that I should try his tasting menu, which is one of the tasting menu among his all menus. I am absolutely hesitated to try as he is not a famous chef at all. But my friend insisted me on trying so I finally took his advice. And, of course, it is worth trying and more than just value for money.

Here’s my dishes:
1. Marinated and Grilled Watermelons with Goat Cheese
- Very fresh and wonderful taste
2. Sea Urchins & Salt Egg York Paste with Shrimp Roe
- A fusion of Chinese and Western ingredients. A taste that cannot be described by words.
3. Roasted Miso & Mussel Chowder
- A combination of Japanese and Western ingredient, a very strong flavour.
4. Pan Fried King Prawn with Dried Scallop, Mint & Edamame Butter Sauce
- It’s a taste that I have never tried at all other restaurants. There’s no photo for this dish as I ate it all immediately after it was served…. Too yummy.

The food is not just value for money, but it is also a wonderful dining experience. Chef Angelo provided us with a dining experience which is so unique. If you pay a relatively good price, you maybe able to enjoy a good view and some good tableware at a good restaurant but you may not be able to enjoy a good food since you don’t have a good chef. But, with Chef Angelo, good food is a guarantee.

Chef Angelo’s product is usually a mix and match of Asian and Western ingredient with a very precise technique on seasoning.

I will absolutely try Chef Angelo’s another tasting menu next time!

Menu selected: Chef Tasting Menu
Chau C

Angelo 食物水準一流,大家都好滿意,好食過好多高級餐廳!原來係屋企都一樣可以食到有咁高水準西餐

Menu selected: Causal Sharing Menu
Kevin C

Angelo 做得非常好,我們十分滿意,我給他滿分!

Menu selected: Chef Tasting Menu
Chun Kit Calvin C

Thank you for Chef Angelo to give us a nice Xmas Dinner.

Menu selected: 5 Course Deluxe Set Dinner Menu
Samuel L

上個月的公司聚餐, 由於想環境比較私人輕鬆, 所以用了mobichef的服務, 還請他們找來場地及安排侍應, 效果十分滿意.

大廚是Angelo, 看得出經驗十分豐富. 一共16人用餐, 所有的配套都相當理想, 每道餐點上菜前廚師都會用心解釋, 他的思想與製作手法, 感覺到他對食物的熱情.

客戶們都覺得十分新鮮, 希望下次可以試其他的menu!

Menu selected: 5 Course Deluxe Set Dinner Menu

This is the second time we have Angelo cooking for us and as expected, all the ingredients very fresh, every dish well prepared.
The great variety of bread, salad, the slow cooked beef, lamb all delicious as last time.
The new dishes we tried this time were also very impressive, the fois gras, scallop, mussels, and above all , the dessert cheese cake and lemon tart, they were so good you cannot imagine!
Angelo even let us try in extra his secret receipe of mascarpone with cookies and crackers, it is so good, so special.
The dinner party went very well and all our guests were so happy with the food with the ambience that we definitely would love to have another one very soon.
Bravo Angelo!

Menu selected: Premium Sharing Menu

We chose the casual sharing dinner menu and our Chef Angelo really brought us a warm casual and friendly evening. All the ingredients are very fresh and of high quality. The cooking, the presentation are of 5 stars hotel’s standard.
We didn’t expect such a great experience and we now have full confidence in Angelo. We definitely would like to try his other menu soon.

These are some of the dishes only, we enjoyed so much and forgot to take good pictures for each dish, which are all impressive !!

Menu selected: Causal Sharing Menu
Sam W

we had an event last friday in a rented place. we booked chef angelo, and discussed with him regarding the dinner menu two weeks in advance, he is very easy in communications, and was able to take care of special dietary restrictions for 2 of the guests.

we had two starters to choose from, i had the culatello - the best ham i have ever had! I really appreciate chef angelo recommending us great food! my other guest who tried the scallop said its sauce is very refreshing which is a good start of the dinner!

Then was the soup, cauliflower soup may sound very normal, but it impressed everyone.i do not know how to describe its taste, you will know if you try that! Main course tiger prawn risotto, lamb rack, pork are all well prepared, also,the presentaton of each dish is carefully designed. this lifted my dinner to another level.

Well done, chef angelo, i will definitely recommend him to anyone who are looking for good quality food and a approachable, friendly chef!

Menu selected: Chef Tasting Menu
Ryan L

Angelo 比我嘅感覺係,有禮貌,細心。佢係開餐前簡單咁介紹自己同在坐食客打招呼,出菜時候有留意先女後男依D細節位,訂Angelo 就好似將一間西餐廳搬左黎我屋企咁!成餐飯食得好舒服!


Menu selected: 4 Course Premium Set Dinner Menu