Chef Anson has over 12 years’ catering experience and 7-year experience in Chinese (Cantonese) kitchens. Born in a Shanghainese family, Chef Anson’s father has taught him cooking techniques since he was 7 years old as he had to take care of his own meals at that time. He can still recall the first dish he prepared by himself was the Sweet and Sour Pork Ribs, which was his favourite dish at that time.
Chef Anson started his culinary career in a local Cantonese restaurant. In 1993, he joined the Maxim's Chinese Restaurant and was promoted to Sous Chef. Anson then became the Executive Chef of a large-scale catering company where he leads the kitchen team delivering quality catering food to their clients.

Anson sources ingredients freshly from the market on the day of your dinner. He welcomes special requests for vegetarians.
Experience Highlights

Guest Chef for cooking class, City’super Culture Club (2018 – Present )
Instructor, Star Chef Management School (Present)
Owner & Head Chef, Fuktaai (2020 - 2021)
Executive Chef, Catering Company (2005 - 2020)
Sous Chef, Maxim's Chinese Restaurant (1993 - 2000)

Chinese Cuisine - Cantonese
Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, Mandarin
Chef's Note

In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes above, the Chinese shall prevail
I will arrive 4 hours prior to the dining time
I am sorry that I do not go to outlying islands
I will bring 1 kitchen assistant for cooking work if there are over 10 guests
Please suggest parking location near the venue
For location that is not accessible by van/car, please contact Concierge for enquiry before placing an order
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Winnie Y

It was my appreciation and the pleasant experience with Chef Anson. The food was super delicious!

Menu selected: Snake Dinner
Bem H

He is the best chef so far!! He doesn't talk much but his dishes are very good. Also, it is very nice of him to do a special dessert for the kids. The size of the dishes are good too! Very good all in all.

Menu selected: Nectar
Charles P

Dinner and service was very good.

Menu selected: Chinese New Year Menu (For 8-12)
Kevin H

It was great, we all enjoyed it. Chef Anson certainly put a lot of effort in it and was passionate about cooking. I have recommended my friends to try as well.

Menu selected: Snake feast
Janice W

5 stars , very good !

Menu selected: Tailor-made For You
Edmund C

十分好味,所有食物都鮮味十足而且極有心機,頭盤既鵝肝配流心蛋一入口時大家都叫好味! 當日知道我結婚簽紙仲送左一味瑤柱伊面,所有菜式都份量十足兼好味到爆炸,煮完飯仲會用心清潔廚房, 極力推介!

Menu selected: Nectar (For 6-9)
Zhu M


Menu selected: Delicious Canton (For 6-8)
Shirley L

Chef Anson Lau once again cooked an amazing and delicious dinner for my guests. We all enjoyed the delicious food.

Menu selected: 粵食越滋味 (9-12位)
Claudia W

The dinner is great , food is decelious and Anson is so helpful in the whole preparation and cooking. Thank you so much, we had a great time.

Menu selected: 我手,寫你心
Stuart W

Chef Anson did a fantastic job last weekend, the food was tasty and well prepared, everyone had a great time!

Menu selected: 我手,寫你心

昨晚一班朋友全部都好開心,大家都讚Anson 師傅! 我給一百個like!

Menu selected: 粵食越滋味 (9-12位)
Shirley L

Chef Lau prepared a delicious meal. Not only is food is excellent, the presentation of each dish makes us feel like dining at a five star hotel.

Menu selected: 粵食越滋味 (6-8位)
Brian W

Dinner was absolutely fabulous. Chef was very professional and the 柱侯炆牛腩 and the 菇菌牛肝菌醬炒鳳尾蝦 was especially out standing. The 花膠螺頭煲雞湯 was also superb. We have booked Anson again the following week for another spectacular dinner.

Menu selected: 我手,寫你心
Ch Kelly H

This is our menu for today. Chef Anson has once again brought us delicious dinner to welcome our relatives from the US. All of us are pleased with the taste, especially the beef stew, which is empty as soon as it is served. We all had good time.

前菜、( 陳醋貓耳朵 麻辣淮山毛豆、 煙燻桂花魚,酸甜子薑)

Menu selected: 我手,寫你心
Jenne X

Menu selected: 粵食越滋味 (6-8位)
Barbara W

It was our Mother's Day celebration at home. Our family used to book a restaurant to celebrate, however, this year Mobichef becomes our top-of-the-mind choice! I selected chef Anson's "customised" menu 我手,寫你心, and let him decide the menu based on seasonal produce.

of course, mobichef didn't disappoint! Anson brought along his assistants and arrived early for preparation. I can see he is a very passionate chef and is attentive to details. The dinner is really impressive! The soup is wonderful everyone run to kitchen for some more! Prawns he bought are fresh and big, so as the fish, it's very fresh; we "Wow" when we found him using Japanese rice for fried rice! The sesame roll is delicious, one of us even ate four pieces...!

i am sure on the Mother's Day, nowhere in HK you can have such a quality dinner with this budget, and it is at our comfortable home. Thank you chef Anson, your assistants! and Gary, our waiter arranged by Mobichef - for your consistently attentive service all the time ;)

Menu selected: 我手,寫你心
Cynthia L

My second time to engage mobichef. Chef Lau was good. Food was awesome, in particular abalone and beef tenderloin, super yummy.

Menu selected: 春色满園
Ch Kelly H

Anson is a great chef with good service, the Chinese annual dinner was delicious, all of us are pleased with his service.

This is our menu:
涼拌四喜 (子薑、毛豆、菇菌、淮山)

Menu selected: 我手,寫你心
Irene W

Chef Anson Lau and his assistant were very professional and friendly. The food was great and the presentation was beautiful! They tried their best to cater to our special requests. Will definitely book him again next time.

Menu selected: 春去秋來
Linda L

再次訂! 今次十位朋友,個個都食到好滿足。想不到家中焗爐烤到咁好味的叉燒,xo 象拔蚌惹味正,當然有我最喜歡的薑汁撞奶。多謝Anson 師傅!美中不足是家中沒有大魚碟,令條魚蒸出來個樣唔夠靚仔,不過味道good

Menu selected: 我手,寫你心
rex l


Menu selected: 我手,寫你心
Linda L


Menu selected: 春去秋來
Jenny W

自從上次試過Book廚師上門後,全家都愛上左依個咁貼身嘅服務。Anson 所煮嘅野食好味,而個酸菜魚好滑,仲好特別因為Anson用個魚湯再煮個麵(菜單沒有的,驚喜!)。最後要同Anson 同佢助手講聲多謝。

Menu selected: 粵食越滋味