Chef Leo has been cooking for more than 10 years and has participated in opening Southeast Asian restaurant Katong in Hong Kong. Some years ago, Leo operated a dried seafood business, that’s why he is also an expert in cooking premium Chinese ingredients such as abalones and fish maws. He learned the traditional Chinese cooking techniques from a few experienced chefs including Hugo Leung (食神梁文韜) in Hong Kong, and applies the skills he learnt to different cuisines.

Leo studied hospitality management in Australia, he proceeded to worked in various restaurants there for 5 years after his graduation. After his return to Hong Kong, he gained experience in opening new restaurants together with a former hotel Executive Chef. He is currently a full time private chef.
Experience Highlights

2015 - Present Private Chef
2012 Katong (Opening team) - Part time consulting
2011 - 2014 L.S. Dining International Limited - Senior Cook A
2010 - 2011 Hollywood Plaza Tavern, SJ Hotel (澳洲) - Chef
2008 - 2010 Shearers Arms Tavern Australia - Sous Chef
2007 Grad King's International College Gold Coast Australia (Diploma Hospitality Management)

Chinese Cuisines, Fusion
Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Chef's Note

If there is no domestic helper taking care of the table service, MobiChef can quote a waiter service if needed. Please put this request as remarks.
In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes above, the Chinese shall prevail.
I am pet friendly
I will arrive 3 hours prior to the dining time
I am sorry that I do not go to outlying islands
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Stella Wong

Menu selected: Tailor Made
Casino Chow

謝謝Leo提供了一個超正的晚餐, 眾人飲飽食醉之餘, 更齊聲讚好

Menu selected: Tailor Made
Nancy Koo

Most dishes are good
The sea whelk is not so popular

Chicken and prawns and rice most yummy
Beef also excellent

Overall good
9 /10 if I rate a score

Menu selected: Treasure of the sea
Emma Tsang

我屋企好細 大約300呎左右
係開放式廚房, 典型香港嘅窩居

覺得Leo 好勁 一個咁細嘅廚房 整到咁多道咁好味嘅野食出黎!我地成家都好詫異。好勁!

睇得出充足嘅預備 同廚師本身嘅功架 缺一不可。 有heart!

去到野食! 一黎整個湯先! 足料到8成係料, 無落鹽無落糖 但個湯非常鮮味又好甜。 雪梨無花果帶出嘅甜加章魚本身嘅鮮味, 完全係最自然嘅湯水!

蠔嘅汁同韓國硯嘅汁一流!鱔又去左骨,自己整一定勁麻煩! 個陳村粉蟹粉又用大閘蟹嘅,絕不欺場! 個豆苗無乜柄仔 食落好爽口!走地雞真係唔同,雞又雞味,師父煮得好滑! 最後個合桃糊好好好好味, 我平時唔太鍾意食呢d甜野, 但真係好natural. 唔會好甜!

總括而言,我地成家都好鍾意 食得好開心!

Menu selected: Be Perfectly Content
Vivian Hong

The food was great. Everyone enjoyed it. And Eric (table service) was very attentive. We had a wonderful night. Thanks a lot for everything.

Menu selected: East of lily
Riyo Choi


Menu selected: Tailor Made
Emilia Hoasjoe

Dinner was fine. 食材非常新鮮!
The crabs was fantastic, definitely lived up to expectation, compliment to the chef! Chicken n rice was also great, and the 蝴蝶蚌 and the noodle too! the 敗筆 is the 喳喳,it wasn’t very nice. Pity but still a lovely dinner after all

Menu selected: Gluttonous feast
Barbara Wong

We have invited important guests dining at home this time, Chef Leo is my top-of-the-mind chef. We did request some new dishes on top of our all-time favourite heyuen chicken, seafood and soup. Everyboday loves Leo's sweet soup too. We are all so satisfied! Thank you Leo!

Menu selected: Tailor Made
Joyce Lam

Chef Leo is fantastic. All dishes great:
- 田雞
- 湯
- 雞和飯
- 豆苗
- 鱔魚
And he is very humble

Menu selected: Tailor Made
Louisa Si


Menu selected: Tailor Made
Carrie Lau

Delicious food with well presentation. We all enjoyed the food especially the soup.

Menu selected: Be Perfectly Content
Leo Chan

Menu selected: Tailor Made
Barbara Wong

This is our second time booking chef Leo. He is just awesome!

Menu selected: Tailor Made
Leo Chan


Menu selected: Tailor Made
Barbara Wong

Chef arrived our home in the afternoon and started preparing the dinner before I came home after a birthday party with my children outside. I felt so relaxed because I could spend time to chat with my guests and leave the kitchen work to Leo. I’m not a fan of Chinese food, so I didn't expect much when I saw the menu. I just picked food that suits most people’s appetite, however, Leo’s food surprised us, his dishes are impressive!
The soft crab shell is never a food I like, but Chef made his 椒鹽軟殼蟹 in a special way, he specially filled shrimp paste in the crab shell. It is impressing and tastes so good! For the clams 油鹽水魚湯大蜆, I originally thought it’s a dish you could easily find in a restaurant, yet Leo's tastes much more special, you will know what I mean even if you just smell it! -- "love at first smell" ! And also his chicken rice 河源走地雞配籠仔荷葉飯, the smell was already making us hungry when he prepared it during the afternoon!
Since we live in Sai Kung where seafood is fresh and easily found, we often buy and cook fresh abalone at home too! This day, Leo prepared the abalone 夜魅燒汁大鮑魚with a slow cook method, which keeps the texture soft and the taste fresh, totally different from traditional cooking method that sometimes may make it chewy.
We are already planning the next dinner with Leo. Can’t wait!

Menu selected: Tailor Made
kelly chan

It was wonderful dinner with Chef Leo and mobichef on the birthday dinner. Mobichef provided very comprehensive and thoughtful service from the very first min we contacted till the end of the dinner. All the service, foods, dishes, presentation, people are amazingly well planned and professional. We had a 10-course dinner that night and every single dish brought us brand new favors on those ingredients.
The curry beef in pineapple bun was surprising. The bread was freshly baked in our oven, perfectly raised. The slightly sweet bread crust and curry beef were unexpectedly matched. The free-range chicken was perfectly cooked. Even the last dish of the menu – Mango sago dessert was incredible. Sago was chewy, mango was sweet and the dessert soup base was naturally flavored. Every ingredient on Chef Leo’s selection was fresh which is most important in the meal.
Big thanks to Mobichef and Chef Leo for the remarkable night.

Menu selected: Tailor Made
Eva Suen

好好, Leo 做得好好!

Menu selected: Customised Menu
Derek Lau


Menu selected: Summer fiesta