Theresa is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She loves Asian cuisine and enjoys sharing her authentic Malaysian dishes with the discerning palette. Her Malaysian home style dishes use fresh ingredients such as turmeric, nutmeg, lemongrass, cinnamon, star anise and chilis and are wholeheartedly prepared to create a flavourful aromatic taste.

Chef Theresa started her private kitchen since March 2016. Her cooking is a passionate rendition of the dishes she loves and her aim is not only to create a delicious meal but an enjoyable experience for all her guests. Her dishes range from mild to spicy according to Gourmets’ taste and she is happy to cater to your request.

Next time when she visits your home, learn also how to say:

Selamat Datang! (Welcome!)
Experience Highlights

Private Kitchen since March 2016
Junior Chef - Western Cuisine Certificate (2016-17)

Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Chef's Note

I will bring 1 assistant
Please advise nearby car park location
I will arrive 2 hours prior to the dining time (prefer to arrive earlier if possible)
I can prepare vegetarian portion for some of your guests
I cannot leave later than 10pm
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Wong Chak Sum Sam

這次是8位, 預約的是THERESA 的菜單.

娘惹小金杯是菜單以外的贈品, 餐前小吃, 香脆可口
馬拉盞雞翼, 在廚房炸的時候已忍不住了, 香味滿屋都是.
魚很香脆, 用了黃薑醃了再炸, 十分可口.
参巴雞是我吃過最特別的, 超級下飯. 4個人居然未吃完菜, 已把5杯米(10碗) 吃清光了.



Menu selected: Taste of Malaysia
Shirley Lau

We have an enjoyable experience tonight. Food is delicious and presentation is nice.

Menu selected: Herbs & Spice
Markas To

一個精彩的晚宴,廚師用心,食物質素高,服務又好,家人都非常滿意,會繼續邀請Theresa為我們製作美食;也感謝MobiChef 的客戶服務幫助加快預訂進度和跟進,會繼續光顧。

Menu selected: SinMa Fusion
Shirley Lau

Chef Thearsa is excellent. My guests and I have an enjoyable evening and we all love the food.

Menu selected: Rice and Spice
Katherine Loh

Yet another wonderful dinner! The food was very delicious and the presentation was very nice. Our guests really enjoyed the dinner. Theresa has cooked for us 3 times now and each time the food was different but equally great! Thank you Theresa!

Menu selected: Tailor Made by Theresa
Katherine Loh

this is the second time that Theresa came to cook for us and the food was just fabulous! our guests were so impressed! Thank you Theresa!!!

Menu selected: Tailor Made by Theresa
Katherine Loh

The food prepared by Chef Theresa was absolutely yummy! We all enjoyed her food very much and we had a great dinner night!

Menu selected: Taste of Malaysia
Amy Yiu

everyone enjoyed! thank you

Menu selected: SinMaThai Cuisine
Desmond Lee

It was a housewarming dinner, Ms. Theresa is honoured to be the first person to use the kitchen of my home. I modified some dishes accommodate my need for the food. Thanks Theresa for all her flexibility and brilliant suggestion, especially for my pregnant wife and my toddler girl aged 2 .

My dinner started at 6.30pm, Theresa and her husband arrived around 4pm. So I enjoyed my time with my guests playing Nintendo switch and passed the kitchen to Theresa. She brought along two live crabs to my home for the curry crab dish, what a surprise!!

Theresa and her husband are very nice and kind, they gave a brief introduction to us when serving every dishes. As we have limited eating utensils at home, they were busy in changing our plates throughout the dinner. We enjoyed the food and the warm services of the Teresa couple.

Menu selected: SouthEastAsia Food (S.E.A)
Michelle Chen

It was my first private chef experience to celebrate my birthday at home with friends and my 3 1/2 years old daughter. I chose Theresa because I read so many good reviews about her dishes. Indeed, we had a great time! In fact, I would highly recommend anyone who wants to have an intimate celebration at home and not have to worry about what to prepare and have a restaurant quality to enjoy this service. We chose the customised menu and Theresa and the Mobichef team were very patient to modify the menu many times and we enjoyed every dish Theresa prepared for us. My favourite dishes were the chili crabs, coffee spareribs, lemongrass chicken rending, shrimp with curry leaves…many more. I will definitely use this service for my next event at home.

Menu selected: Customised
Susan Chiu

chef theresa and her husband were wonderful: friendly, funny, and professional. They went out of their way to deliver the best. They could not find baby cabbage in the local market so they asked their friend to bring them some from Thailand the morning of the dinner! The food was delicious and the flavours of each dish were distinctive. it was a really enjoyable dinner.

(To Fanny:)
i also want to commend you on how prompt you are with your response, regardless of day of the week and time, and that you have been very helpful in sorting things out.

Menu selected: Gembira Makan Makan
Jinchun Cai


Menu selected: Makanan Lautan
Tom Lee

It was a pleasure to have Theresa and her husband in our kitchen. My guests and family enjoyed her dishes very much especially her welcome drink and signature dishes. Thank you Theresa and her husband for the fantastic food and we hope to see them soon!

Menu selected: Rice and Spice
Chelsea Yang

Teresa was not only great at cooking the most authentic SEA food but also a friendly and amiable chef. The dinner was for my boyfriend's bday, Aug 23, which happened to be T10. We had to push back the dinner for two days, but Teresa made herself available by delaying her personal trip to make it work for us.

Her satay was the first hot dish, impressing us with its crispy outer texture and tender chicken meat, along with the smoked flavor at the tip of your tongue. Her black pepper crab was so good that both of us stopped chatting and we kept eating until the last piece and we debated if we shld save the black pepper spice to go with rice the next day. Not to mention her lemongrass chicken, roasted fish and sambal sweet potato leaves and wingbeans, all reminding my bf who grew up in SG of home.

I would like to specially thank Teresa for taking extra trips in order to get my bf's fav bamboo clams, despite all the difficulties post typhoon. This dinner makes bf's bday very special and we both think it's arguably the best meal we have had since we came to Hong Kong in terms of price/quality/experience.

We couldn't wait to invite her over again for bf's SG friend group to taste their long-missing SEA food that they hardly can find anywhere else in Hong Kong.

Menu selected: Customised Menu
Shirley Chiu

We had a very enjoyable Malaysian food dinner. Theresa was very very good. Even the kids liked it. I had a happy crowd. Excellent!

Menu selected: Gembira Makan Makan
Jenny Wu

Theresa 特別準備了參巴辣椒醬炒翼豆肉崧 ,在香港一般食不到所以感覺新鮮特別。香脆咖喱葉大蝦也是焦點,好後悔無預訂甜品

Menu selected: Herbs & Spice