Zinc is a young food-loving chef. He started running his private kitchen in 2016. He does everything by himself, from setting up menus to purchasing and preparing ingredients to serving dishes. He is very concerned about our environment so he tries to use as much substainable seafood as he can in the menus. He can also prepare vegetarian portions for vegetarian guests in a party.

He learned cooking in Hong Kong Culinary Academy and has worked in an Italian restaurant in Sheung Wan when he was studying.
Experience Highlights

Hong Kong Culinary Academy (Western Cuisine)

Italian, Fusion
Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Chef's Note

In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes in the menu, the Chinese shall prevail
I can only go to: Kowloon, HK Island and East New Territories
I will bring 1 kitchen assistant for cooking work if there are over 6 guests
I will arrive 2-3 prior to the dining time
I canprepare vegetarian portion for some of your guests
For location that is not accessible by van/car, please contact Concierge for enquiry before placing an order
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Kingho N

Zinc 師傅年紀輕輕做出咁有水準既菜式, 大家都大讚呀! 期待你下次有新menu 推出。會介紹俾朋友試。

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