Leslie initiated “Leslie Cooking Project” back in 2014 as a full-time creative designer, he discovered his passion and love for cooking via the joy that brings family and friends together. The project firstly started off as a home catering service provider, and extended to event catering, cooking demonstrations and tutorials, recipe creations, restaurant menu consultation and development, etc.

In 2015, Leslie was invited to publish his acclaimed debut journal “Simple Cookbook”, which showcases over 50 effortless gourmet dishes made with seasonal picks.

“Re-discover the original taste of daily ingredients” is Leslie’s culinary philosophy. Not using tricks that require fancy equipments, nor ingredients that you can’t see in the market, Leslie’s cooking is simply about the pursuit of seasonal picks and daily friendly menu. Therefore, Leslie renews his menu regularly, using seasonal ingredients that best match your appetite from time to time.
Experience Highlights

Guest Chef at Knockbox Coffee Company (1/2 year)
Catering Chef for Leslie Cooking Project (Since 2014)
Recipe Writer (Since 2014)
Author of “Simple Cookbook” (2015)
Demonstrating Chef at Taste Of Hong Kong (2019)
Cooking Instructor (Since 2021)

Italian, Asian Fusion
Spoken Language(s)

Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Chef's Note

In case there is any inconsistency between the translation of the English and Chinese dishes in the menu, the Chinese shall prevail
I may bring one kitchen assistant for food preparation.
Please clearly state beforehand if there is any food allergy amongst the guests.
At least two burners on a stove is required.
I need a parking space around the dining venue.
I’m pet friendly.
I can prepare vegetarian portion for guests.
I will arrive 2-3 hour prior to the dining time.
I am sorry that I do not go to the island districts.
For location that is not accessible by van/car, please contact Concierge for enquiry before placing an order.
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Megan T

Chef Leslie cooked for our dinner party of seven. Everything went beautifully. His food was absolutely delicious - the meat was juicy and succulent, the vegetables fresh and crisp. His dishes were simple but very flavourful and nicely presented, perfect for a casual dinner party at home with friends. I also loved the fact that the menu was seasonal and most of the ingredients locally sourced. Chef Leslie’s service was unobtrusive and thoughtful. I thought the evening went perfectly. Will definitely book his services again. A very satisfied customer.

Menu selected: Bi-Monthly Menu
Hannah H

We had a great time with Chef Leslie, he’s very friendly and patient with our requests. The dishes taste very good – with the mix of Chinese and western touch which is surprisingly match well together. It’s a very good experience to us.

Menu selected: Leslie's Tasting Menu
Tea T

多謝Leslie為我們的生日party獻上一餐美味又清新的菜式,我們每個都十分享受整個晚餐。Leslie很友善,每道菜式也為我們介紹,食物真的好味,期待有新菜式餐單,我們會再試的 :)

Menu selected: Leslie's Tasting Menu
Josephine L

Very good food and services

Menu selected: Table for Two (with tutorial section)
Diana F

We have another wonderful meal prepared by Leslie and all the guests have a great time last night! Not only great taste from the appetizers to dessert but you can feel his passion to food too! Thank you again Leslie!!

Menu selected: July/ August Menu
Ka Wing K

Great dinner with delicious dishes, thank you so much Leslie!! Definitely will recommend Chef Leslie to my friends.

Menu selected: Leslie's Tasting Menu
Diana F

We had a great dinner thanks to chef Leslie! Dinning at home without preparation is just awsome! Leslie is friendly and with good knowledge of food, we already booked our next dinner can't wait!

Menu selected: Leslie's Tasting Menu
Ellen F

在偶然機會下發現 Mobichef 這個服務,在老公生日日子下,特別試一下。
今次的大廚係 Leslie. Leslie 很隨和,為我們解答了不同的烹煮問題。 而他對烹調滿有熱誠及創意,在食物配搭上也很有心思。
(圖片順序) 鯷魚多士,味道適中不會太咸。魚子醬不腥,蛋王 creamy 美味。車厘茄經低温焗,皮薄多汁,令不太喜歡吃車厘茄的我眼前一亮。(另一沙律) 汁由石榴打成配上新鮮蘋果,少少酸,口感清新。BB 波菜新鮮,西蘭花湯很滑冇渣,冇草青味,杏仁片也很脆! 讚! 蕃茄蝦湯,蝦湯味濃郁,蝦爽口。清一清囗腔再食主菜。菠蘿薑雪葩,有薑味不辣。 青檸蘿簕雪葩,入口清新味道平衡。 多謝 Leslie 比我哋添食。牛肝菌長通粉很香。釀鷄卷牛油果飯,鷄肉很滑肉汁豐富,牛油果飯特別感覺上似食牛油果多些。最後是甜品 醋煮富士蘋果,醋是甜的,暖蘋果配凍雪糕,配搭特別,在外餐廳很難吃到的。檸檬芝士撻配藍莓醬,芝士厚身配上藍莓酸味不會太膩。
總括今次經驗很好,在家吃感覺輕鬆,自由暢談,又可以食到材料本身的味道。 Leslie 每次上菜都會介紹材料及其煮法,很專業。 我們會再試,也會分享今次經驗給身邊朋友。

Menu selected: Leslie's Tasting Menu
Raymond Y

Good food! Great experience! Definitely worth it. Thanks Leslie for making it a wonderful evening.

Menu selected: May/ June Menu
Barry T

係屋企食生日飯, 氣氛很好, 食物非常好味, 值得推薦!
A very nice Birthday Dinner at home! Chef is nice and the food is excellent! Will recommend to friends!

Menu selected: Leslie's Tasting Menu
Derek C

Enjoy my birthday dinner at home with family and served by chef! Thanks Leslie, he was standing for the whole night and made a delicious dinner for us!

Menu selected: Table for Two (with tutorial section)